Music is something that unites and inspires us, whether it be for a good mood or bad.

Whether you’re looking to escape into your favorite song after getting rejected by someone special at work today, or need some motivation during an alternating between jobs with low pay rates (yes, I know this can happen).

Or want background noise when writing articles/books, etc., musicians provide the perfect soundtrack!

They create art from sound waves—something magical happens when these two things come together: words become a singer.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just getting started, it can be hard to know if your support is enough these days.

The internet has made streaming music accessible and affordable.

But what about buying records?

Is iTunes good enough for some people who don’t want any clutter on their shelves at home (and plenty of space)?

Or would an actual CD make more sense in this day And age when everyone listens with smartphones instead Of physical stereo systems anyway?

In our blog post listed below, we highlight several best ways to support musicians who have found success – whether they were paid directly from those songs/ album sales OR got funding through grants & mp3 Strike deals.

Why Should You Support Music Artists?

Musicians are often faced with difficult circumstances.

They have to put their lives on hold when they’re not playing for it all to go smoothly behind the scenes, and what starts as just hard work can quickly become an exhausting lifestyle if you don’t know how to take care of yourself.

Musicians deserve to be paid fairly for their work. They are often forced into debt because of low payment rates, and it’s difficult when you’re a musician without any support system around you.

Support your favorite musicians by purchasing their music directly.

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Not only do you support them, but it’s also more beneficial for the artist in many ways!

For example: if someone buys an album from iTunes and pays the total price (or close enough), they’ll receive around 50% of total profits while labels take another 25%. But when a fan purchases something off Bandcamp or at a merch stand.

All those earnings go straight back into supporting artists who deserve every penny made off their hard work onstage.

A man playing guitar

8 Best Ways To Support Musicians

1 – Encourage Live Shows & Attend Them

The live performance of a musician is one way to support them in their craft and also get up close with the artist.

The uncertain landscape for musicians during recent years has put pressure on ticket sales, but it’s still worth going out if you can afford it because artists need all help they can get!

There’s nothing like playing to an audience of your favorite people.

And with all these new opportunities for musicians, you never know where the success will take place!

Before buying tickets, ensure that invited friends are also going so there’ll be someone else at home watching over them in case something goes wrong.

2 – Show Your Support By Purchasing Music

Music inspires us, connects us, and heals whether you are buying a song or an entire album to show your love for these musicians who took time out of their day-to-day lives so that they could create something beautiful.

Purchasing music helps artists get attention from labels which in turn offers them bigger tour slots with more opportunities for success!

Whether you’re a Vinyl fan or not, there’s no denying that digital sales are the way of today.

They allow musicians to sell their music without any physical media involvement, which means more money goes towards them!

3 – Buy Merchants

Musicians can make money from merch as well. From posters to patches, selling music-related items is another major revenue source for musicians and artists looking to promote themselves without having their performance dependent on ticket sales alone.

A great way of generating additional income?

You bet!

Merch is no longer just for T-shirts and stickers.

Today’s artists are getting more creative with their merch, slinging everything from tote bags to limited-release guitar pedals.

If you want your home decorated in honor of a favorite artist, get out there and find some great pieces designed by them!

4 – Create or Join The Street Team

You can be a part of the next big thing by joining an artist’s street team.

Street teams are devoted groups that promote and support musicians, often with more creativity than traditional marketing tactics like advertising or logos would convey alone—and they were huge in Hip Hop during The 90s but still exist today!

If your favorite band doesn’t have one, you should start one yourself.

It’ll make their career even better because people will know how much support there is for them when no one else seems willing to step forward.

5 – Use Streaming Services Like Spotify

Streaming is a great way for musicians and listeners alike, but there is still some Contention in the industry.

Some companies offer more money than others when it comes down to streaming payouts!

Artists can get paid per stream through purchased services like Apple Music or Spotify, where they sell ads that play during your songs.

Or, monthly access plans give users an unlimited amount of onboarding offers, such as Facebook Premium Plan ($90/year) and YouTube Red $10-15 dollars per month).

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