Amelie Lucille Mess (Music Review)
Amelie Lucille Mess (Music Review)

Amelie Lucille shows an outstanding ability to create music with wisdom and emotion well beyond her years.

Amelie’s musical inspirations include the likes of Etta James, Bjork, and The Beatles, and it certainly shows through her performance and incredible songwriting ability. “Mess”, the new single from her upcoming debut album features deeply emotional lyrics about a relationship that fell apart and never reached its potential.

Amelie sings the song like a soulful old-timer who has heap loads of life experience and pain to croon about, however, Amelie is only fourteen, making the emotion in her singing and impressive voice control even more special.

The acoustic performance adds significant emotional weight to the lyrics and drowns the song in an old-timey melancholic ambiance that coincides with the theme of the song well. A moment that really stood out to me was Amelie asking herself “What if I let go of this mess?” as the ambiance builds and suddenly stops and she delves deeper into the topics of the relationship.

Overall, “Mess” is an impressive song that makes me excited about what Amelie’s debut could sound like. It’s deep and emotional and, at such a young age, it’s very rare that an artist has this much artistic depth so early on in their career.


Score/Outstanding: Amelie shows all the signs of a promising artist and the single itself shows promise of a well-crafted debut project. “Mess” is a great emotional indie folk song that I’m sure most fans of the genre will enjoy thoroughly.

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Written by Jake Campbell

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