Andrea Carax and Nyemiah Supreme Dumb
Andrea Carax and Nyemiah Supreme Dumb

When talent from different corners of the world comes together, the result is often a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries. This holds true for Italian producer Andrea Carax and New York rapper Nyemiah Supreme, who joined forces to release their sensational joint single, “Dumb.” Blending elements of jersey club, hip-hop, dance music, and alternative R&B, this collaboration showcases the diverse influences and creative prowess of both artists. Let’s delve into the story behind this captivating release and explore the backgrounds of Andrea Carax and Nyemiah Supreme.

Andrea Carax:

A Passionate Italian Producer from Milan Hailing from Milan, Italy, Andrea Carax (real name Andrea Caracciolo) is a talented producer who has been honing his craft since a young age. Growing up in a small town in Calabria, South Italy, Andrea’s love for music blossomed after he attended his first piano and clarinet lessons. However, during his teenage years, he produced a breakthrough song that caught the attention of renowned DJ Giel Beleen and was subsequently played on a central radio station in the Netherlands.

Despite pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Andrea’s talent for creating beats captured the interest of music executives from Universal Music Group. Encouraged by their recognition, Andrea followed his musical passion, leading him to establish his own label and publishing company, Panic Attack Music.

“Dumb” A Fusion of Genres and Musical Styles With their combined expertise, Andrea Carax and Nyemiah Supreme has crafted a captivating single, “Dumb.” Drawing inspiration from the energetic sound of jersey club, this track seamlessly blends elements of hip-hop, dance music, and alternative R&B. The result is an infectious and dynamic record that entices listeners with its catchy beats and unforgettable melodies. Listen below!

Andrea Carax’s venture into launching his own label, Panic Attack Music, marks an exciting chapter in his career. Having previously worked behind the scenes with talented songwriters who penned hit records for renowned artists like Rihanna, JLo, and Beyoncé, Andrea is now ready to step into the spotlight and showcase his own unique musical vision.


Nyemiah Supreme:

The Rising Star from New York Nyemiah Supreme, a New York rapper, brings her unique flair and lyrical prowess to the collaboration with Andrea Carax. Many might recognize her from her appearance on Bravo’s reality show “Sisterhood of Hip Hop,” where she showcased her remarkable talent alongside artists like BIA. Nyemiah has also collaborated with acclaimed musicians such as Dave East, Timbaland, and Conniie Diamond, further solidifying her presence in the industry.

Our Take On This Collaboration

The collaboration between Andrea Carax and Nyemiah Supreme on the single “Dumb” is a testament to the power of cross-cultural creativity and musical exploration. Combining their individual strengths and inspirations, these two talented artists have created a track that will surely leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide.

As we eagerly await their future projects, it’s clear that Andrea Carax and Nyemiah Supreme are poised to make their mark in the ever-evolving music industry.

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