Andrea Carax Motions ft Drea Rèal
Andrea Carax Motions ft Drea Rèal

Andrea Carax is thrilled to announce the highly awaited upcoming release. The “Motion” promises to captivate listeners with its unique blend of R&B midtempo.

From a historical perspective, the contemporary interpretation of “rhythm and blues” primarily refers to a musical genre that emerged post-World War II. This genre intricately weaves pop, gospel, blues, and jazz components, all underscored by a prominent backbeat.

Introduction to the Masterpiece

For enthusiasts of R&B, an essential discovery awaits: Andrea Carax, a distinctive artist from Milan, introduces an entirely novel soundscape to the genre, aptly named “Motion.” This genre marks a groundbreaking departure in musical rap, offering a fresh perspective and experience. The thematic essence of the songs serves as a testament to their ingenuity and inventive spirit. As a result, the complete package embodies a remarkable and unparalleled fusion of uniqueness, creativity, and captivating innovation that stands in a league of its own.

About the Artist (Andrea Carax)

Originating from the vibrant city of Milan, Italy, Andrea Carax, known by his birth name Andrea Caracciolo, emerges as a dynamic and skilled music producer who dedicated himself to his craft from a tender age. His musical journey commenced while growing up in a quaint town within Calabria, located in the southern region of Italy. During this period, Andrea’s affinity for music burgeoned, nurtured by his initial experiences with piano and clarinet instruction.

However, during his adolescent years, he achieved a significant breakthrough by creating a standout composition that captured the attention of the acclaimed DJ Giel Beelen, subsequently receiving airtime on a prominent radio station based in the Netherlands.


Amidst his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Andrea’s prowess in crafting mesmerizing beats resonated with music industry stalwarts associated with Universal Music Group. Emboldened by their acknowledgment of his talent, Andrea ardently followed his musical calling, leading him to establish his own record label and publishing enterprise, Panic Attack Music.

Triumphant combo of Andrea Carax with Drea Réal

When individuals with talent hailing from diverse global locations collaborate, the outcome frequently manifests as a musical work of art that surpasses limitations. This phenomenon is exemplified by the partnership between Italian music producer Andrea Carax and rising talent Drea Réal, culminating in releasing their extraordinary collaborative track titled “Motion.” Through a sexy alternative R&B element, this joint endeavor highlights the varied influences and the creative aptitude of both these artists. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the narrative behind this captivating release and delve into the introduction to the artists.

Andrea Carax drawing inspiration from states of the art like Kali Uchis, Snoh Aalegra, Duckworth, Thundercat, and Tyler, the Creator, has pulled out a magical rhythm with Drea Réal to amuse the fans. Both artists together have given a new touch to the R&B.

The “Art” itself

The amalgamation of skill and creativity between Andrea Carax and Drea Réal has yielded the mesmerizing track titled “Motion.” This single seamlessly merges compelling lyrics, intricate rhythms, and romantic melodies to redefine the landscape of R&B.

The outcome is a contagious and vibrant musical creation that beckons listeners with its irresistible beats and unforgettable harmonies. Experience it for yourself by giving it a listen below!

It is worth listening to, full stop.!!!!!!

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