IDY Bran

In the past few months TikTok has seen an explosion in underground rap talent. Artists as young as 16 have flooded the app with rage-infused hyperpop production, creating a very exciting and interesting space that’s packed full of potential.

One of these artists is IDY bran. Whilst scrolling through TikTok, during a mundane wait for my next train home, I discovered this curly-haired, baby-faced teenager shyly singing along to a song in his room. Truthfully, videos like this aren’t unique on TikTok, there are thousands of kids posting their homemade tracks on the app everyday. However, what caught my ear was the track’s main sample, “We Don’t Talk Anymore “by Charlie Puth, wrapped up in a melodic rage beat.

To put it simply, this song sounds like its directly from the future. A song from 10 years from now where Charlie Puth is nostalgic enough to sample into a track. The combination on paper shouldn’t work yet it works brilliantly, its modern hyperpop energy makes me wonder about all the other obscure combinations that could be made using 2010’s pop.  

IDY bran is no one track wonder however, just a quick scan through his SoundCloud profile reveals that he has many other songs that are simply waiting to blow up. “Rock My Fit” and “wldnt get it” are some other great songs that feature much darker, bass heavy production, in the same vein as Hardrock or Destroy Lonely. The nihilistic lyrics and darkly themed production have the aesthetic of a dystopian world after hours, creating a surreal experience that’s as addictive as it is creative.

IDY bran is definitely one to watch in the SoundCloud space, with only 3,931 followers, don’t miss out on getting on the IDY train early (so you can insufferably brag to your friends about it when he blows up of course).

Link to IDY bran’s Soundcloud profile:

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Written by Jake Campbell

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