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Unveiling the artist around the world.  We regularly introduce new talents. Mostly those who you have not heard of before, that have beautiful music that can make your playlist.

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Pretti Emage Biography

Born Zayah Nicole Riley, Pretti Emage, (pronounced Pretty Image), is an American Female Rapper operating out of Tampa, Florida. At the start of her...

Zack King Biography

Making the bold move from the harsh winters of Minnesota to the endless summers of America’s West Coast has certainly paid dividends for Zack...

Gustavo Nobio Biography

Gustavo Nobio is an artist and scientific disseminator born in the State of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on October 1, 1975, and based in...

Wild Fire Biography

The best singers draw from experience. And that’s true for young as well as seasoned artists.  Though still in their teens, sisters Kelli and Kayla...

Sebastian Lightfoot Biography

Sebastian Lightfoot is known as a composer, producer, animator, and director. Sebastian is unique as an artist and his own style of composing and arranging...

Square Tugs Biography

Square Tugs have been playing solidly around Brisbane since mid-2020 and are well-established on the live circuit. All members are veterans of the Brisbane...