Reviewing ##B4GC2 ##B4GC2 EP

Autumn! returns to his “Pluggnb” roots with a warm-up EP that’s brilliant in it’s chilled-out simplicity. 

After the meteoric rise of “Rage-Trap” many “Pluggnb” artists, including Autumn!, have chosen to momentarily abandon the genre, favouring the synth-heavy production of producers like BNYX and F1LTHY, over the airy, chilled-out production of “Pluggnb”. Thus, a large part of Trap’s underground community have dubbed “Pluggnb” as a dying sound, another once trendy sub genre that has finally run its course, and although this might be true, it still hasn’t stopped Autumn! from returning to the genre with what might be his best work yet.

##B4GC2 is a precursor to Autumn’s upcoming album Golden Child 2, a sequel to one of Autumn’s first projects, and just like Golden Child 1, ##B4GC2 oozes super-chilled, Pierre Bourne-esque production, however this time, layered with improved vocal mixing and way better song structure.

In my opinion the EP’s third song (“Know You Hear Me”) is the gem of the project, a standout example of what Autumn! can do with the “Pluggnb” sound when he truly tries. The vocals are mixed and layered perfectly, gelling with the beat as if they never existed separately.

The beat itself has a very reminiscent sunset ambience, a type of feeling you’d only share with the red sky on a late-evening walk. What’s most impressive is the progression of the beat, it starts with just a few airy chimes that fly around the drum pattern, and then towards the ends it all builds up and bursts into a single spiralling synth that feels like that moment when you just break through the clouds on an aeroplane flight.

Artistry I’d never expect from someone like Autumn! .

Although the other songs may not be as euphoric as “Know You Hear Me!”, they’re still beautiful and perfectly serene. “My Collection!” might be one of my favourite Autumn! songs ever, the rapper charmingly sings of all the girls he’s loved and lost in a tongue in cheek way over a bliss Final Fantasy-like beat.

Even if you’re in the worst of moods, “My Collection!” is a song that’ll do everything it can to lift you up.

If you’re anything like me ##B4GC2 might take a few listens before you realise it’s greatness, at first, I was leaning towards labelling it as mediocre, but when the EP clicked on my third listen, I was left begging for more music that sounded like it, good music can’t get any better than that.

SCORE/Excellent: ##B4GC2 feels like how Goku might feel riding on his cloud, it’s airy, peaceful and a joy to listen to if you like relaxing music. With no skips and addictive replay value, it’s hard not to call this excellent.

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