Beast Parade Nightmares Review
Beast Parade Nightmares Review

Beast Parade is a dynamic two-piece rock band hailing from the damp, infamous mini-metropolis of Portland, OR. The band is comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist, Matt Kuttruff, and drummer, Tim Fiori. Together, they unleash a thunderous, irresistible racket that will leave you begging for more!

After the premature, untimely demise of the pair’s previous band, Gods and Kings, they went their separate ways for a time, as life did what it often does best: get in the way. But their musical chemistry couldn’t be denied or easily forgotten, and they eventually found their way back where they belonged: behind a guitar, microphone, and drum kit, hammering out songs together.

With the benefit of age and wisdom (mostly age), Beast Parade was born! Shaking off years of accumulated rust, they rekindled their old rock n’ roll magic, fusing it with with a shared love of the infectious grooves and pop sensibility of Queens of the Stone Age, the complex, driving rhythms and raw power of Soundgarden, and the heavy, dark, intricate soundscapes of Tool.

But this duo is more than just the sum of their influences. They have created something entirely their own, a sound that is both powerful and introspective, heavy and delicate. They are a band that is unafraid to take risks and experiment, always pushing themselves to be better and more innovative.

With a unique style, a dark sense of humor, and a stubborn aversion to profitable decision-making, Beast Parade is a force to be reckoned with in the world of rock music, and they are only just getting started.


Nightmares Music Review:

Beast Parade is an electric rock and roll duo out of Portland, a city known for its creative counter-culture attitude and iconic indie rock music scene, traits that are reflected in their music.

Their new single “Nightmare” gives the listener a glimpse of what to expect from the band: a cinematic listening experience with a nostalgic sound that’s like the early music of the Seattle band Queens of the Stone Age and the Foo Fighters.

I was impressed right away by the shifts in tone throughout the song. From minute to minute, it switches from an eerie, slow build-up to a flurry of crashing chords as the lead singer’s hauntingly brilliant, layered vocals

From the instrumentation alone, you would think there are more people in the band than just two. However, they make their sound feel much bigger than their numbers in a truly impressive way.

The lyrics are emotionally driven and have obviously been carefully penned; however, it’s the singer’s dramatic vocals that truly give them life and make the chorus work so well with the rage of the guitar.

At a runtime of nearly seven minutes, it might be a big ask for new listeners to tune into a song that’s that long; however, in my opinion, it’s well worth the running time. The song has great momentum and keeps the listener engaged with its energetic sound. Seven minutes went by and I wanted to listen to more of what the band has to offer.

Beast Parade could have wrapped the song up in three minutes or so if they wanted to, to make it more accessible streaming-wise; however, they stayed true to their artistry and stuck out for the long haul, despite what new listeners may think.

Score/Excellent: Beast Parade clearly has a sound that they stay true to, know how to pace a song, and most impressively build momentum. Although they may sound a little too similar to Queens of the Stone Age, they still offer sounds and vocal performances that are unique to their band and their band only.

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Written by Jake Campbell

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