Becca Hatch – Without You (Official Video)


Watch Becca Hatch as she performs “Without You”

The Video was released few days ago and you need to take a watch.

Without You is about trying to distract yourself from feeling that something is missing, or more specifically wishing that the person you’re thinking about wasn’t so far away. There was a point in time where no matter what I tried to do to keep myself busy, it was hard to stay present. The song describes the feeling of being surrounded by people but not really being able to engage in what’s happening around me because I felt I needed to be somewhere else”– Becca Hatch on ‘Without You’

In just a short span of time, Sydney artist Becca Hatch has curated a space in the Australian contemporary R&B scene that is wholly her own. The Kamilaroi/Samoan artist rose to wider attention after winning Triple J Unearthed High’s Indigenous Initiative in 2017, though in the years that followed, Becca has established herself as a dynamic artist whose voice and style adds a beautiful flair to the current wave of Australian artists bringing R&B-centric music back to the fore.

Becca has developed as an artist, her style has diversified; her scope has broadened; her ambition has grown in strength and confidence. Now, threads of youthful romanticism intertwine with those of seasoned life experience. Leaning into pop, disco and dance influences, Becca Hatch’s music is taking on a new flavour that brings her further into new and exciting creative realms.



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