As an artist or musician, you know that getting your music heard by the right people is essential to growing your career.

Several online music promotion services can help you get high exposure and reach more fans in today’s digital age.

Here are the five best music promotion services online to help you grow your career now, in 2023, and in the nearest future

5 Best Music Promotion Services Online

Music Review World

MusicReviewWorld is an emerging online platform that brings great opportunities for musicians, especially independent artists.

It is a professional platform for experts and beginners who want to start a career in the music industry.

At Music Review World, you can access high-quality and interesting content (music industry insight and how-to’s) for free to get started throughout your journey as an independent musician, record label, and music PR.

Moreover, MRW also offers music reviews and submission opportunities which can bring your music or video in front of thousands of people.

Rive Video Promotion

According to rive video promotion, they are “ONE STOP shop for Music Video Promotion and Social Media Management. We have over 20 years of experience promoting music videos, and we have great relationships with network music programmers.

We can introduce your music video to these programmers, securing the airplay your music video needs to be seen by huge national and international audiences.

It is THIS AIRPLAY that will ORGANICALLY INCREASE YOUR VIEWS by driving new fans to your social sites, YouTube, and iTunes pages. Rive creates fans and fans create views.”

HIP Video Promo

Hip Video Promo is also included in the best music promotion services you can see online, they promote music videos to the next level and increase the traffic for the video.

This company will help to boost the traffic to your music video in a few days. You need to submit your video on their platform, and you will get traffic on your video in some hours.

They don’t actually have an automated system rather you will need to fill out a form and they will get back to you, which means they don’t accept all submission inquiries. go ahead to Hip Video Promo to get started


Omari is also all in with music promotion, pretty much everything when you think of music promotion services online – Spotify promo, YouTube promo, Soundcloud promo, press releases.

It’s also worth noting that he’s a pretty affordable starting point for a lot of indie artists, with Soundcloud promo starting at $47.

For Soundcloud, he reposts songs to hundreds of thousands of followers just as we do on MRW. For Spotify, he places songs in playlists. YouTube is a little more complicated, with geographic targeting options available depending on your budget.

If you know what kind of promotion you want, then check out Omari.

Submit Hub

This is also a platform that falls into the category of best music promotion services you should be regularly involved in, but it is not free of cost. You need to submit your music video on Submit Hub, they will connect you with music industry influencers. But it charges some credit for the music promotion.

Sometimes you will be rejected by Submit Hub if your song does not meet the internal criteria, it can be a waste of your money as it’s non-refundable but according to them “You’ll get at least 10 words of feedback if your submission is declined, fear enough?

If you don’t want feedback, there’s also an option for 90 seconds minimum listen time instead of feedback”. which is fair enough and it’s still cheaper than hiring a publicist so give them a try.

How To Choose The Best Music Promotion Service?

1. Determine your goals: Before you decide on a music promotion service, consider your goals as a musician for the shortlisted music package of the service. Are you looking for increased visibility on streaming platforms, General brand awareness?, radio play, or something else? You need to list it out.

2. Research the service: There is nothing more important than doing your own due diligence as a musician or record label. please take the time to research the music service you’re interested in to ensure that they are a legitimate company. Read customer reviews, check out the website, and contact the company to ask questions.

3. Ask questions: Make sure to ask questions to get a better idea of what the service offers, how they will promote your music, and how much it will cost.

4. Look for transparency: A good music promotion service will be transparent about its process, pricing, and results.

5. Get references: Ask for references from other artists who have used the music promotion service before to get a better idea of their experience.

6. Compare services: Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few services, compare their offerings, pricing, and results to determine which one is the best fit for your needs and then go ahead to promote with them.

Hope you have a better idea of how to choose the best music promotion service available online this day.

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