Biig Piig – Bubblegum EP Review (AOTM January)

Biig Piig – Bubblegum EP AOTM

January had a slow start (as always) with great releases. The internet and reviews were full of end-of-year lists, and to be honest, only a few releases caught my attention. Closer to the end of the month, I came across ‘Biig Piig’s new EP ‘Bubblegum,’ and I was immediately excited. The previous EP, ‘The Sky Is Bleeding’ released in 2021, promised a lot, so ‘Bubblegum’ had some expectations from me.

The Irish artist based in London has a distinctive way of creating fragile but danceable tunes. Her delicate voice is one of the first things the listener will notice. Even though so many elements sound and feel airy and floaty, Biig Piig’s music sounds like she does not care too much about what others are thinking. Her alternative, well-arranged, and brave way of making pop music is not easy to describe compared to many other artists.

Some details from the seven-track EP, which prove ‘Biig Piig’ being bold, are using brilliant jungle/D’n’B beats, in ‘Liquorice’ and ‘Picking Up’, mixing English and Spanish in ‘Ghosting’ while still making the whole thing having a clear line.

The whole soundscape of the album is fresh, borrowing elements from other genres. The opener of the EP is a delicate and soulful track with a modern hip-hop beat in the background. The hair-thin vocals with the neo-soul vibe create a really soft and comfortable feeling. One nice thing I also respect on the EP is having fantastic details from the early UK electro scene. At the same time, any tracks don’t sound clearly anything other than ‘Biig Piig’.

The whole release is excellent, but two things that stand out from the tracks are ‘Biig Piig’s great sound and the awesome beats that will make you either dance or close your eyes and enjoy the comfy feeling.

Biig Piig – Bubblegum EP

Released, January 20th, 2023

Album of the Month by Cuberat

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