Bluesknot Made Of Lies Music Review
Bluesknot Made Of Lies Music Review

Born in Athens, Greece, We present Bluesknot a new fast-rising rock artist who has released his first song “Made of Lies”. Bluesknot is an artist who isn’t afraid to think outside the box and fully expresses himself through this music.

The “Made of Lies” Review

Considering it’s his first official single, Bluesknot oozes potential and boundless creativity. Made of Lies infuses dark vocal components of the metal genre, with the melancholic storytelling often found in Blues and Country. The instrumentation feels weighty and cinematic as Bluesknot’s deeply pitched voice takes its form in a monologue-esque style of lyricism. 

However, Bluesknot proves he’s not just a one-trick pony, midway through the song he switches his cadence and pitch to a style that is reminiscent of old-school Metallica.

The electric guitar chords that take over the instrumentation towards the end of the track, add to the song’s unique cinematic feel. This song could be easily played over a badass “ride out” scene in sons of anarchy and I wouldn’t question a thing, or an epic John Marston inspired shootout.

Even though Bluesknot might not be Corey Taylor or James Hetfield just yet, his first song “Made of Lies” is impressive and shows a lot of creativity. Bluesknot strikes me as an artist who isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone and experiment with his vocality, giving him solid foundations to find his own musical identity.


Listen to “Made of Lies” by Bluesknot below!

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Written by Jake Campbell.

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