Bluthecolor Better Of Alone... Album
Bluthecolor Better Of Alone... Album

We present to you BOA! (Better Off Alone) by Bluthecolor.

Who is Bluthecolor you may ask, he is an all-around radical artist, based in Cleveland, OH/Phoenix, AZ. As he journeys through bending genres with soulful grooves, heavily melodic cadences, and well-meshed dynamic vocals. Which reflects in this new album from Bluthecolor.

The debut album, BOA! was released in September of 2022. and on this piece from Bluthecolor, He steadily showcases his touch of texture, wedged within the bouncy vibrate production surrounding him. Elevating the soundtrack to his life, showing us how versatile he truly is by manipulating sound with his vocal inflictions. He mixes genres for a new soundscape thoroughly throughout “BOA”. This album is a must-listen-to, no skips, headphones-in, sonically captivating masterpiece.

Guess what! Bluthecolor is currently 4 months into his career, and he is extremely enthusiastic about it and also very excited to see what’s next! even with this, he has been featured 3 times on 93.3 Alternative Rock radio for “Jenni from the GUMP!, I see you I swear!, & side of ya neck!” 110 playlist features 

Bluthecolor made a unique decision that I rarely see in this music industry, guess what- He decided to go exclusive to for one producer to produce and mix, and master all the singles in this album. Who is Stravs? He is a music producer/artist based out of Phoenix, AZ. Listen to all singles on the album below.

“This was the first project I did after Andy passed and I remember worrying if I was ever going to feel good about being in the studio again. When Blu and I started this project it immediately felt like so much fun and we were both on the same page creatively. We had a blast in the studio during the writing sessions for BOA.” said Stravs. which shows this is a piece that came out of dedication and deliberate commitment and creativity.

Enjoy the Album and watch out for our exclusive music review soon.

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