Boldy James RichGains Indiana Jones
Boldy James RichGains Indiana Jones

In the spirit of the album’s namesake, Boldy offers an abstract and violent adventure through Detroit’s concrete jungle. 

The end of Boldy James album run seems nowhere in sight. Ever since his 2020 album, “The Price of Tea in China”, he just hasn’t dropped a mediocre or bad LP and to be honest, it’s starting to seem like he’s incapable of doing so. Once again, Boldy shows that he’s a rapper whose lyrical creativity knows no bounds, even though his subject matter might not change, he constantly finds new and addictive ways to put a new spin on his messaging.

The producer of the album, RichGains, helps Boldy showcase his versatility by using obscure samples and a variety of different production choices. The song “Electric Blue” for example, sees Boldy rapping over a guitar-heavy indie rock sample that gives Boldy room to operate on a completely new wavelength. “No Extender” features a more soul-inspired lofi type beat, in the vein of J Dilla or Damu the Fudgemunk. It’s slow, methodical, and laid back, a perfect match for Boldy James’ rapping style.

Whenever I think of Boldy I think of him as a solo artist. An artist who relies on his own skill and isn’t really known for his use of features or reliance on them. Surprisingly though on this album, taking nothing away from Boldy mind you, the features are one of the best things about this album. Chuckstaaa is brilliant on “SOS”, his quiet breathy voice kicks in hard alongside RichGain’s raw and punchy production. “Hunnit Sales” featuring Sir Michael Rocks and Cassie Jo Craig, makes for one of the best feature tracks I’ve heard in recent memory. Michael Rocks effortlessly, and I mean effortlessly, glides over the beat with a slick flow that you can’t help but rewind the first time you hear it.

Although there may not be standout moments on this album like there are on “Manger In Mcnichols” or “Bo Jackson”, Indiana Jones shines in its simplicity. It doesn’t yearn to be some overzealous masterpiece or ambitious magnum opus, it’s direct and straightforward, which I think works best for the sound of this album.


Score/Good: For any other artist this might be an “excellent album”, however, this is Boldy James we’re talking about. It’s no secret that Boldy is capable of much much more than what is displayed on this album. “Manger in Mcnichols”, “The Price of Tea in China” and “Bo Jackson”, are all better projects. However, if you’re looking for a fix of slick street talk, superb beat-making, and equally good features, this album will definitely satisfy that craving.

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Written by Jake Campbell.

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