Chase Greene - For It (Single Review)
Chase Greene - For It (Single Review)

 Chase captures the summer sun in a bottle with his new Pop/Trap single For It.

The song centres around a summery guitar chord progression that feels perfect for basketball sessions with friends or a kickback with a crate of beers.

Chase has a distinct 2016 style in his vocals that feels reminiscent of the upbeat aura of Lil Uzi’s prime years mixed with the more modern pop-infused styles of Lil Mosey or Kid Laroi.

Lyrically, the song is simplistic enough to be both catchy and instantly relatable without digging too deeply into the lyrics.

Like most songs nowadays, Chase keeps the vibe short and sweet. With the song only being 1:52, the chorus, verse, chorus format functions like sipping a fresh glass of lemonade or an ice-cold beer. It’s a short shot of summer fun that nestles its way into your playlist through sheer catchiness alone.


Score/Good: While “For It” doesn’t venture into any new territory, it’s a song that knows its job and does it well. It’s a good, melodic underscore to all your summer moments and activities with friends. Simply a “vibe”.

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