Dan Warburton: 1999 cover

The Colchester-born singer-songwriter Dan Warburton his new track “1999”, a softly sung, therapeutic flashback to early 2000’s memories.

Influenced by artists like Phoebe Bridges, Kevin Devine, and Bright Eyes, Dan is a talented indie singer from Essex, Colchester looking to spread his talent and passion for music outside the boundaries of his hometown.  His new song 1999 promises warmth, personality, and a clear sense of passion.

Heartwarming and nostalgic, I found myself looking outside my bedroom window in reminiscence while listening to the song and that’s what makes it brilliant. “Final Fantasy 7 Disc 2, outside the Sector 7 gates”, he sings as a montage of 90’s and 2000’s core memories play subtly behind him.

1999 has a sweet touch of relatability that isn’t often found any more in the current landscape of “fast food music”. The video also shares this quality, it’s impactful in its simplicity and gives the song space to tell its story, rather than relying on the visuals.

1999 is a great song and packs so much personality and identity in just two minutes. I look forward to hearing more of Dan’s work and hopefully, you will too.

Score/Good: short but sweet with emphasis on the sweet. 1999 is a song that plucks on the heartstrings and takes the listener back to those sunny days of GameCubes and Playstations.

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Watch the music video for 1999 below

Written by Jake Campbell


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