Dave & Central Cee – Split Decision EP (AOTM June)
Dave & Central Cee – Split Decision EP (AOTM June)

Two prominent figures in the drill/UK rap scene, ‘Dave’ and ‘Central Cee’, have joined forces to produce a collection of four tracks. ‘Dave’ has garnered considerable attention with his highly anticipated releases, ‘PSYCHORAMA’ in 2019 and ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’ in 2021, both of which received widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike. Although ‘Central Cee’ is relatively new to the scene, his ascent to prominence has been rapid since 2020. One of his notable hits is ‘Doja’, which incorporates a loop from ‘Eve’s track ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’.

This collaboration between the two heavyweights surpasses expectations. Each of the four tracks flows seamlessly, showcasing the exceptional UK rap styles of both MCs. The opening track, ‘Trojan Horse’, exhibits a slightly darker drill aesthetic, featuring a captivating string loop and an impactful bass line that harmonizes flawlessly with the beat. The overall atmosphere is captivating, effortlessly captivating the listener’s attention. The synergistic interplay between ‘Dave’ and ‘Central Cee’ in terms of their flows is reminiscent of a long-established partnership.

The subsequent track, ‘Sprinter’, offers a momentary reprieve from the intense atmosphere. The inclusion of distant Spanish guitar elements adds a delicate touch to the composition, while still maintaining its captivating and tight sound. Once again, the bass line remains distinctive and unforgettable. ‘Our 25th Birthday’ continues the EP’s exploration of a more delicate sonic landscape. Although the lyrical content diverges, it evokes similarities to ‘Stormzy’s recent foray into a softer side with its gospel-infused vibes. This soulful track incorporates piano and softer bass elements, extending over a duration of over five minutes, which is relatively long for a rap song. Nonetheless, it manages to captivate the listener throughout without becoming tedious or overly protracted.

Returning to a darker and more melancholic soundscape, ‘UK Rap’ restores the EP’s earlier tonal aesthetic. It is worth highlighting the remarkable basslines once again. Despite the impeccable flow showcased by both artists, the basslines assert themselves prominently throughout the EP.

The collaborative EP has surprised many, undoubtedly leaving a lasting and gratifying impression.


Dave & Central Cee – Split Decision EP

Release Date: June 4, 2023

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