DC Smith Conversations Lets Make It Right Single Review.jpg
DC Smith Conversations Lets Make It Right Single Review.jpg

DC Smith Groups together with Briana Kivi and C4Play for their new RnB track, the smooth-sounding and old-school inspired RnB “Let’s Make It Right”.

The intricate strings of the electric guitar at the beginning of the track immediately set the tone of flirtatious intimacy derivative of 90’s RnB artists like D’Angelo and Boys II Men. DC then comes in with soft swooning hums that feel like they come from someone who knows old-school RnB back to front.

Briana Kiwi then takes the floor for most of the track’s opening section and doesn’t fail to impress with her satin-lined seductive vocals and contagiously confident presence. Briana brings a touch of modern RnB to the track that feels reminiscent of Summer Walker and SZA, however, she combines the daring sense of sensuality those artists have with the old school RnB beat in a way that feels new and creative.

The centre of attention then smoothly transitions back to DC as he utilizes a slower more subtle style that harkens back to Motown and golden era soul music. His more strained approach in his singing style envokes a strong sense of genuine emotion and oozes laid-back old-timey soul music in the best way possible.

C4Play brings a sense of modernism to the track putting on a more rap-centric melodic display in a similar vein to Tyga or Bryson Tiller. He helps bring some variation to the track and adds a layer that listeners who are more partial to Hip-Hop can enjoy.


Score/Excellent: Any music fan will know that RnB and Hip-Hop are sister genres and this song is a representation of how they can be combined perfectly, even dashing in a touch of old school too. “Let’s Make It Right” is fun and simplistic mood music that is made for dimming the lights.

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