Derrick Sena Daydreaming In Kodachrome Suite [Album Review]
Derrick Sena Daydreaming In Kodachrome Suite [Album Review]

Derrick Sena – Daydreaming in Kodachrome Suite Album Review

Producer Derrick Sena’s new album Daydreaming in Kodachrome Suite feels like a “behind the scenes” of jazz composition in a fun and creative way.

Daydreaming in Kodachrome Suite consists of nine renditions of “Daydreaming in Kodachrome” all of which feature different sounds and styles that make the song feel new each time.

Sena describes the inspiration behind the composition as “if Sentimental Journey by Doris Day and One for My Baby by Frank Sinatra had a baby”, and you can hear the rat-pack, New York jazz influence through the instrumentation and the style of singing.

Sena also describes his album as having “a train-like soundscape” and I agree it does. Each song feels like a different carriage of the same fancy train, some carriages might be busier whilst others feel a little bit quieter. With this album, the subtle differences count, for example, “Sax Take 1” feels more relaxed and has an early morning feel, whilst “Sax Take 3” feels more reckless, exciting, and has more of a nighttime jazz club feel.


There are also subtle changes in the singing too. “Eleanor’s Demo” feels more modern and off the cuff whilst “Classic Evelyn” is more traditional and elegant. I think this is a really creative way of letting the listener get the best of both worlds and almost paint their own picture of what “Daydreaming in Kodachrome” sounds like for them.

Sena allows his song to be taken as more of an artistic concept rather than let it be trapped in the boundaries of just being a song and I think that deserves some artistic merit.

Score/Excellent: Derrick Sena’s creativity and art shine through on the album by showcasing different versions that listeners can enjoy and switch between. The instrumentals are gorgeous and the singing is great on both versions of the song. Daydreaming in Kodachrome Suite is a 30-minute experience jazz fans can enjoy with ease.

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