Elevated Focusion Elevated Focusion [Album Review]
Elevated Focusion Elevated Focusion [Album Review]

Elevated Focusion to Release Genre-Bending Album in June 2023

Queens, NY – Get ready to waltz into the wilderness. Elevated Focusion, formerly known as Jonny Rythmns, is set to release a genre-bending album on June 2, 2023, that will combine his love for New York culture and all genres of music. The album can be streamed and downloaded everywhere.

Elevated Focusion’s brand is more than just music. It’s a place where outsiders and insiders can meet through music and clothing. It represents creativity, originality, counterculture, passion, and the moment of change.

The album has been mixed and mastered by Chris Conway, who worked on every east coast hip-hop album that inspired Elevated Focusion while growing up in Queens, NY, including ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ by Eminem. Fueled by danceable rhythms and dipped in a pool of genres, this album will have a unique sound.

Along with the album release, Elevated Focusion has recently launched a clothing line under the same name, which fuses together his love for vintage band tees, tattoo art, graffiti, trippy cartoons, and old-school streetwear. This brand is all about uniting art styles to create a mix of nostalgia and something fresh.


Elevated Focusion’s goal is to create a genre-bending sound that opens doors for different artists to collaborate.

Album Review of Elevated Focusion

With their brand-new outlandish, experimental self-titled album, Elevated Focusion tries to portray the hazy, multifaceted vibe of New York City.

Elevated Focusion is an artist who draws inspiration from their environment, a wide variety of cultures, and people from all walks of life much like the style of the artist’s own city of New York.

The album’s sound varies constantly, much like how the New York City underground transports you to various sections of the city. Utilising a variety of vocal performers, each song on the album has its own viewpoint and narrative to tell.

The album’s production approach by Elevated Focusion is more akin to a soundtrack.

Instead of having any lyrics, songs like “Yoko Loko” and “Mind Frames” provide ambience and atmosphere. These two songs in particular, though, show how Elevated Focusion’s ambient-oriented production can occasionally fall flat throughout the album. On a few occasions during my listening experience, I experienced the same thing: experimental sounds and atmospheric mixing drew me in, only for me to realise a minute into the song that there was nothing else to it, no build-up, and no genuine advancement. The song “Natural Born Scumbags,” which, to be really honest, feels like it is basically just repetition or sounds throughout the three minutes, is a prime illustration of this.

However, there were some instrumental tracks that I really liked, “Trypnoticaand Stained in the Zone“.

The electric guitar in “Trypnotica” gave the track an edgy, artistic layer that stood out amongst the others. “Stained in the Zone” offers a more electric cyberpunk production that feels like it could’ve been ripped directly out of Ridley Scott’s original Blade Runner film.

Other highlights include “Stolen Time” and “Table Tea Party”, more vocally driven tracks that feature performances from vastly different cultures and yet place them well together. The merge of soulful reggae-style singing and Indian classical singing was beautiful and showcased how occasionally Elevated Focusion’s curation hits the mark.

Once again, however, some vocal performances don’t offer the same amount of substance. Brigit Bites’ lyrics on the opening song “Elevation” are simplistic, especially when coupled with her equally simplistic “ABC” style flow. While her lyrics do become more dynamic in one of the closing tracks “Psychodelicate, she still uses the same simplistic flow, which otherwise could’ve helped her lyrics flourish more if they were a bit more dynamic, I could guess that maybe that is her style.

However, this is no detriment to Elevated Focusion’s production. For the most part, the production does follow a cohesive sound and theme that remains solid throughout the album, which is a feat alone for any producer especially when experimentation and bending genres is thrown into the mix.

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Written by Jake Campbell

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