Forrest Funk Randomize Music Review
Forrest Funk Randomize Music Review

Forrest Funk – Randomize (Review)

German DJ and Producer, Forrest Funk, blends elements of moody LoFi Hip Hop and modern jazz on his new track, “Randomize”.

Having played numerous club gigs with many other great German DJ’s, and produced multiple official EPs for the label Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, it’s no surprise that Forrest Funk sounds as good as it does.

Just as its cityscape track cover suggests, “Randomize” carries a street-influenced, urban feel that calls back to the roots of artists like J Dilla and Pete Rock. In its simple yet relaxing rhythm, “Randomize” is that feeling of watching the world go by through your apartment window, or people watching whilst you wait for your next train home. Although no words are spoken, it’s instantly relatable and speaks a universal language we can all understand.

The Jazz themed instrumentation that echoes just behind the drums gives the track a quintessentially nostalgic feel that induces reminiscence of simpler times, no matter your age or music preference.


Simplistic, yet sleek and creative, “Randomize” is one of those no-brainer tracks. Kick back, relax, and give it a listen!

Listen to “Randomize” below

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Written by Jake Campbell

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