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In the sphere of emerging talents, Grace Inspace stands as a beacon of promise, steadfastly carving her path towards the pinnacle of the pop charts. Guided by an undeniable talent and supported by the remarkable debut EP “Sunshine Kid,” her trajectory leaves no room for doubt regarding the ultimate destination of her journey.

By sheer serendipity, I stumbled upon Grace’s music on Tuesday. She unveiled a collaboration between herself and one of my favourite, cherished London-based singer/songwriters. This artist is renowned for her tantalising, atmospheric blend of contemporary R&B/Soul and Latin Pop. The track “25” serves as a testament to the soundscape she is poised to champion.

A discernible contrast is evident between the opening and closing tracks of the EP. The opener, “Sunshine Kid,” reveals itself as a beautiful piano ballad, while the closer, “Last Girl” – my personal favourite on this record – emerges as the most experimental and resounding stadium anthem tune within this collection. It’s a track that pushes genre boundaries, representing a perfect and synergetic blend between “Riot Girl” Pop-Punk (reminiscent of “Bikini Kill’s” hits from the 90s) and synth-pop.

This record has taken my breath away. Here’s my rating for each song on a scale of (1-10):

“Sunshine Kid” – 10


“Good Days” – 10

“Oxytocin” – 10

“25” – 9

“No Grown Ups” – 10

“Redwood Curtian” – 10

“Last Girl” – 10

Rating/Excellent: Looking forward to her success; an exciting career ahead of her!)

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