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Gustavo Nobio is an artist and scientific disseminator born in the State of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on October 1, 1975, and based in the city of Niterói. Singer, composer, and rapper who defines his songs as Brazilian popular music transiting through hip hop with an afrobeat vibe, electronic beats, and the influence of jazz, bossa nova, samba, and rock. An ecologist by conviction and a songwriter for mere fun, Gusnob – as he’s also known – keeps moving forward to sing, live and dream.

Restless and inquisitive from an early age, Nobilíssimo Gus is an artist eager to understand the reality that surrounds him and with an enormous need for expression in his chest and throat, active on stage and in the studio. He began to give vent to his aspirations for the art of music in the early 1990s by composing his first lyrics with content that was still innocuous or using a merely political-social discourse, which over time acquired poetic daring.

Through his interest in writing, stimulated by the habit of reading comic books, science fiction, and detective novels, he plunged headlong into the world of fantasy and from there took an important leap toward the universe of creation, becoming the composer and vocal interpreter that he is today: an incisive diffuser of rhythm and poetry.


1995 – Recorded the first demo tape with three songs produced by Marcos Vampa, former keyboard player of the famous Brazilian singer Zé Ramalho’s band.

1996 – Participated in the Student Song Festival, on public radio MEC FM (99.3 – Rio de Janeiro), with the rap “Altivamente A Todo Vapor” – by him – under the pseudonym Gêiser Altyvo. That year, he took the stage at Dulcina Theater (RJ) for the first time.

1997 – Participated in the third edition of the Song Festival at the Villa-Lobos Music School (Festvilla – Rio de Janeiro) also with the rap “Altivamente A Todo Vapor”, which came in fourth.

1998 – The Villa-Lobos Music School released the CD “Festvilla 3”, which includes “Altivmente A Todo Vapor” (track 4).

1998 – Participated in the fourth edition of the Song Festival at the Villa-Lobos Music School (Festvilla) with the song “Venha Viajar” (composed by Marcelo Bruno, Gustavo Nobio and Fabio Barreto), which came in second.

1999 – Participated in the Hip Hop Rio event – promoted by the rapper Marcelo D2 – as a guest of MC Ronier 73 at Gilberto Gil Cultural Canvas, located in the Realengo neighborhood (Rio de Janeiro).

2000 – The Villa-Lobos Music School released the CD “Festvilla 4”, which includes “Venha Viajar” (track 2).

2000 – Participated in the compilation “Zoeira Hip Hop”, created by the cultural producer Elza Cohen, together with the hip-hop duo 73 & DJ Juan in the rap “Quem Cala Consente” (track 14 of the CD included in edition number 80 of TRIP magazine).

2004 – Participated in the compilation “O Som de Niterói” – with the song “Vacilante Que Pensa Que É Gigante” under the pseudonym S.U.P.R.A. Vida Secular! -, CD that brings together bands from the city of Niterói (RJ), organized by journalist Pedro de Luna.

2005 – Under the pseudonym S.U.P.R.A. Vida Secular!, independently released the CD “Compacto Simples (Mente)” with the songs “Vacilante Que Pensa Que É Gigante” and “O Grande Espetáculo”, authored by him and produced by him and Bruno Marcus (Tomba Records).

2005 – The song “O Grande Espetáculo”, from the S.U.P.R.A. Vida Secular!, is performed for the first time on the program A Vez do Brasil, on Rádio Cidade FM (102.9 – Rio de Janeiro).

2008 – Released the album “Ritmada Eloquência Poética (Vol. I)” as S.U.P.R.A. Vida Secular!, produced by Raul Rachid (keyboard player of the electronic duo Saara Saara).

2008 / 2009 – The songs “Samba do Vacilante (Que Pensa Que É Gigante)” and “Sorriso Miserando”, from the S.U.P.R.A. Vida Secular!, are chosen by Turkish DJ Kerem Gokmen to play on the program Dubmission, on public radio WYEP FM (91.3 – Pennsylvania – USA) in the respective years.

2010 – Released the album “PoDu EP: Experiência Positiva”, under the pseudonym Potente Durâmen, produced by Gusnob and Bruno Marcus (Tomba Records).

2010 – Again, DJ Kerem Gokmen (Dubmission Radio Show – WYEP FM – 91.3 – USA) plays another song composed and recorded by Gustavo Nobio. This time, “Quebra de Silêncio”, by the Potente Durâmen project.

2013 – Founded the sustainable initiative, a site dedicated to scientific dissemination and environmental education in order to promote an increase in ecological awareness and the popularization of science in society.

2019 – Launched the collection “Sucessos Nobianos Que o Mundo Nunca Ouviu!” [The nobio style greatest hits the world has never heard, in free translation], available on the main digital platforms.

2021 – In December, he released the EP Nobilíssimos Êxitos.

2022 – In October, he released another EP, A Contundente Arte das Rimas.

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