After meeting Martin himself, buying him a new sofa, and putting his old one in a glass display cage, Headie One has finally released his long-teased single, tributarily titled, “Martin’s Sofa”.

Due to his antics and memes from fans, Headie has made the rollout of the single a viral sensation within the UK Hip Hop community. “He’s doing everything besides dropping the song!”, a TikTok user cried as Headie posted a video of himself standing next to the infamous sofa he used to sleep on, placed in a glass cage like it belonged in the Louvre.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Headie’s socials and you wondering who this mysterious Martin is, Martin is a friend from Headie’s come-up days who let the soon-to-be-famous rapper sleep on his sofa in the early days of his career.

The song serves as a tribute, not only to Headie’s own success but to the people that helped him along the way. A sentiment that isn’t often seen in the drill culture. The song itself nicely continues Headie’s seemingly endless run of great music. His previous single 50’s, which only came out a month prior, went down as a resounding success within the UK hip-hop community, and Martin’s Sofa has seemed to meet similar appraisal.

What makes this song so great in my opinion, is Headie’s storytelling ability. His lyrics of coming to and from shows from the humble beginnings of Martin’s Sofa feel very visual and even inspiring. It’s hard to imagine Headie ever struggling to make it as a rapper as he seems so engraved in the culture, however as he says in the song, everyone needs to start somewhere.

The song’s beat uses two main samples, Flatbush Zombies’ “Palm Trees” and Future’s Trap N”’gs. Many UK rap fans will be familiar with the Flatbush Zombies sample from Cadet’s iconic “Slut Freestyle”, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Headie is also paying tribute to the Clapham rapper as well.

With this new single, 50’s, and his Europe-centric mixtape “No Borders” which he released in November 2022, it seems like Headie might be the UK’s one to watch in 2023. All his latest releases show signs of a storm brewing and a potentially great Headie One album in the eye of it all.

Check out the music video to Headie One – Martin’s Sofa, down below.

Written By Jake Campbell.

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