Did you know that Electronic Press Kits (EPK) make it easier for musicians to reach out to managers, booking agents, promoters, and journalists for any business deal?

Whether starting your career or already cruising your ship in the ocean, an effective Press Kit for your music promotion is crucial.

It’s a great way of letting you focus on adding relevant media to your upcoming album or single release.

But you might be wondering how to create a press kit for your music that looks professional and genuine, right?

This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know about the Press kit and its creation!


Let’s get started!

What Is An EPK?

An EPK is a professional document representing and showcasing everything about your music band. It acts as a middle joint for introducing your band while linking with other important elements such as website links, social media accounts, etc.

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While creating your press kit for music promotion, it is important to analyze how your EPK looks by considering yourself on the other side. For example, Assume you are a booking agent or manager. What is the most prominent thing you want to see in someone’s EPK?

6 Must-Have Structure For Your Music Press Kit

1 – Use Your Best Music

The first thing you need to consider is to add your best music to your EPK. This is where you carefully consider which single release song or an entire album will stand out and will make you unique among others.

Make sure your masterpiece is featured prominently at the top of the page. After that, don’t forget to write a description that describes your music which should be short, precise, and compelling.

Mostly while writing descriptions, musicians, and artists fail to write what reflects their music, so make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

2 – Short Artist Bio

Whether you are applying for a job, writing a proposal, or creating a press kit for your music, a short bio is something that you cannot forget.

There is a very simple and convenient way of writing a short artist bio if you don’t know one. Follow the below simple steps, and your artist bio will be ready to use:

  • The first paragraph of your bio should detail your music career.
  • Include your music inspiration, style, and passion in your second paragraph.
  • If there are any awards, certifications, or achievements, don’t forget to add them. An impressive number of Spotify streamers would be a great choice (if you had any)

3 – Use Fresh & New Photos In Your EPK

When planning a promotion for your music, it would be great if you added new photos.

The better your photo, the more powerful and intimidating it will look!

You can add just a few photos or use your best photo in various social media-friendly sizes if you’d like.

Additionally, you can add the cover art of the single or album you’re promoting in your EPK to give it context.

4 – Use High-Quality Music Videos

Having a professionally produced and attractive video is important!

Not because it will improve the listening experience of your song, but it will show your prospect that you have invested your time and effort and are serious about your deals.

However, it would be great if you chose one or two videos instead of filling up your page with several videos, which makes it look unprofessional and not convincing.

Connecting the dots of your EPK with your social media account is very crucial.

It may help an industry professional decide to work with you if you have an engaging social media presence that demonstrates good judgment.

Can also work in your favor if you are planning on being interviewed by an up-and-coming blogger or podcaster.

It will show them how many people are already invested in your success and how far the news will go.

Managers and booking agents can find out more about your interests and vibe with just one click through your social profiles.

Also, if you have a large fan following or no. of streamers, then your prospect will take you seriously.

6 – Include Contact Information

Okay, so until now, everything necessary has been added, but what about your contact information?

If you are starting and self-managing everything, use your email address and contact number.

However, if there are other team members, use their information and their position of power with you.

The goal of every EPK is to reduce the effort of your prospect and provide them with everything within a few scrolling, including your contact information, to do the exact thing.

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