Live Music Review
Live Music Review

While writing a live music review, your primary goal is to capture the experience of being there and give your audience the best they deserve. But it’s not as simple as it looks.

There are a lot of things that you should consider while writing a live music review.

This blog post will help you identify the 5 tips you should know if you are writing a live music review for the first time.

Let’s get started!

1 – Do Your Homework & Be Prepared

Preparing is the first step you should take to write a captivating live music review. Read the below steps:


Do a little research on the artist – knowing everything about your performers and musicians isn’t important. But it can help you to know what you’re expecting. However, if you are unfamiliar with the artist, look them up online.

Check the gig details –  your next step should be to know the exact location of the venue. Also, don’t forget to add the performance timing (if any). On the other hand, ensure that the event has a permit for photography, as you may need to take photos for your review. On the other hand, make sure that you carry essential equipment along with you to the concert.

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2 – Take Notes & Observe

Don’t have a strong memory? Start taking notes during the concert so that you don’t forget any key details:

  • Write down the list of songs played during the performance.
  • Note down the feeling of the atmosphere before and after the gig, as well as how the audience reacted towards the performance.
  • Don’t forget to make notes for the overall performance of the musicians as well as some notable changes that include costumes, management, and the impressive light show.
  • A bad performance on the stage might not be the fault of the music artists on the stage. The management may have used the poor quality sound system that affected the quality of the gig. You should note and observe these technical issues as well.

3 – Don’t Overindulge

While taking notes and observing things, you must not forget not to enjoy the concert by yourself. But that also does not mean that you lose yourself to the point that you forget everything about the gig or lose the notes you write down.

How To Write A Live Music Review

4 – Make A Proper Plan For Your Review

Before writing your review, take yourself back to notes and highlight the key details and observations you made. After that, break it down into a series of new paragraphs and maintain a flow of words smoothly.

Make sure that you don’t start another paragraph or line randomly without completing the previous one. Make your live music review more readable and engaging for your audience.

Check out the below tips:

  • Consider whether your audience is familiar with the artists included in your review. If not, then at least give a quick sneak peek and give some background information.
  • If you are unsure about anything, search for it online and gather the data or information from reliable resources.
  • Storytelling is one of the best ways to convey your message and relate your experience with the music concert to give your readers a sense of reality without being present.

Lastly, consider where you want to publish your live music review. If it’s for your own blog, then you can write as much as you want. But, if it’s for another publication or magazine, try to stick with the timeline and requirements

5 – Use Someone To Proofread Your Music Review

You are good at writing, you have excellent storytelling, you didn’t find any grammatical mistakes in your content, you’re great at what you do, and that’s what every second writer thinks about themselves, which is true to some extent.

But in some cases, proofreading content and reading it twice highlights the mistake that you won’t find in the first place. Once you proofread and revise your content, this will make sure that the piece of content you have written is professional, and does not contain any grammatical mistakes.

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