How To Write A Music Review Of Live Concert
How To Write A Music Review Of Live Concert

A review is a combination of personal opinion and reporting. The purpose of reviewing something is to evaluate it. The majority of the time, you do it every day.

In every situation, you are judging things unconsciously, whether you are evaluating the performance of singers at a concert or judging the quality of products at the supermarket.

It is not necessary to follow a fixed structure when writing a review. In terms of style and size, it varies. The genre of review writing is quite vast. People write reviews about television programs, books, films, restaurants, and musical performances.

In this sense, a concert review describes the experience of attending the concert. Musicians are not the only thing to be considered. Reviewing a concert requires evaluating the time, place, venue, and audience engagement.

This blog post will help you to understand the basics of how to write a music review of a live concert.


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Background Knowledge Of A Review Writer

Writing a captivating and authentic concert review requires a lot, especially when you’re not a musician. It would be great if you had better knowledge and understanding of the music domain you want to write about.

However, understanding the interest of your targeted audience is another major factor you need to consider. The more engaging your concert review is, the more impactful it would be for your readers.

For example, young music lovers are more attracted to the vivid description of the performances. However, for music teachers and professors, reading and analyzing a music concert review is all about cracking music theories, instruments, and the expression of emotions.

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Music Concert Review: What Your Reader Wants To Know?

As a writer, you may already know that most people read only the major chunks from the review and leave the page, which is a ruthless fact.

However, your reader intends to know the overall impact of the performance and things that happened in the concert. They have higher expectations from a music review writer to give them a better understanding of different genres and other aspects, and your music review should incorporate those technical details.

Your Writing Style

Another notable factor that comes to mind is how you write and deliver the message. The way you express things to your reader has a significant impact on your reader. At this point, most beginners and newbies made mistakes by not incorporating a healthy balance between formal and informal tones when writing a music review of a live concert.

Although it would be great if you avoid personal pronounces like “I” and “You” or “Your” in your review. Moreover, you must consider not writing fluff and cliches that do not excite your audience.

Try to use powerful words such as “Fascinating,” “tremendous,” “lucrative,” and many more.

Steps You Should Follow To Write A Music Concert Review

Be Clear While Reading The Instructions

When it comes to writing reviews, the purpose varies. Most people write reviews to give a detailed-oriented explanation about a specific topic or place, whereas some take it as an academic assignment.

It would be great if you read the instructions and followed them as needed. For example, writing a review for a magazine would be different compared to a newspaper.

On the other hand, your physical appearance is as important as writing a review. Arrange everything that you need to get access and enter, such as tickets, a specific costume, outfit, etc.

Write Down Your Observations

The credibility and authenticity of your music review of a live concert depend on how well you have observed things. If your observation is strong, then it wouldn’t be a problem. If not, you need to get your eyes everywhere that require your attention.

Not down all the required details, such as a list of musicians, hosts, musician’s attire, stage lighting, intermission, etc.

Music Review Of Live Concert

Note Down The Performances Of Musicians

Whether a musician performed well or badly, it must be written in your concert review. However, you should give a rock-solid reason for the performance being great or terrible.

This would be easier for you if you noticed their confidence, gestures, positions, and backup players.

On the other hand, musicians’ performance depends on the audience’s response. There’s no doubt that you should put your main focus on observing performers, but neglecting the audience would not be a great idea.

Your readers are a part of the music concert, reflected by your authenticity. However, they will love to know about the present atmosphere there to connect with them. For your review, it is important to note the type of audience that showed up there.

Coming Down To The Writing Stage

This is where things become more interesting and complex at the same time. Mainly there are four parts of a review:

  • Introduction
  • Description
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion

Review Introduction

The introduction part of the review includes several concrete details. The date of the event, location, musicians, artists, and conductors, are all included in this portion. However, the title must be precise and clear, so the people unfamiliar with the area can easily understand.


While writing the main body of the review, you must incorporate every detail of the musical event. Dictate your observations of each performance in a separate paragraph with subheadings. Ensure you have maintained a reasonable balance between formal and informal tone.


The evaluation stage of writing a music concert is the main essence of your entire review. The best way to grab your readers’ attention is to tell your audience the whole scenario about the event.

Let them know whether attending the event was worth it. Extend the length of your review by adding relevant facts about the musicians or specific performances.


At last, give your honest opinion about how you feel about the concert, and what were the reactions of the audience there, were they enjoying? Last but not least, write down concert management and the quality of musical instruments and write if the live version of the music was more optimal than the studio recording.

That’s it! Wish you a great delivery of your concert music review.

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