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Based in North Wales, John Rhodes is a passionate singer-songwriter who ambitiously looks to blend rock and gospel with his new song God’s Sweet Light.

God’s Sweet Light is a short but shining single that seeks to spread the word of God to lovers of rock and gospel music. With a fun, free-flowing structure, this is an accessible and upbeat song that newcomers to the gospel-rock genre can sink their teeth in.

The lyrics are simplistic yet powerful and impactful, reminding listeners of the depth of God’s love and the way that it seeks us out, no matter where we are or what we’ve done.

As a Christian rock song, God’s Sweet Light does an excellent job of blending the driving energy of rock music with the uplifting message of faith. It’s a song that’s easy to sing along with and inspires listeners to reflect on the love of God in their own lives.

Overall, I would highly recommend God’s Sweet Light to fans of Christian rock music or anyone looking for an uplifting and powerful message about the love of God. It’s a well-crafted song with a great sound and lyrics that will stick with you long after you’ve finished listening.

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Score/Good: A fun song with a positive message and an aesthetic that holds to its genre, a comforting listen.

Written by Jake Campbell.

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