Koosje Let Me Drown You
Koosje Let Me Drown You

Dutch singer Koosje stuns with her RnB-infused Neo-jazz single Let Me Drown You.

Koosje is no stranger to musical excellence, throughout her journey as a performing artist she has gone viral on social media and won a Sublime Talent Award as early as last year. Her new single from her debut album, It’s Time, does nothing short of perpetuating that excellence.

“Let Me Drown You”, featuring the equally good Artvark Saxophone Quartet, has a cool, carefree feel reminiscent of other neo-jazz artists like Erykah Badu or Raphael Saadiq. Koosje glides over the water-like instrumental with awe-inspiring ease, especially on the chorus which conforms graciously to that signature neo-jazz feel.

Koosje and the Artvark Saxophone Quartet know how to keep things simple and still impress, the track has one tone and theme and does it to significant effect, not tampering with anything by adding overly grandiose instrumentation or singing. It’s a song that would fit a jazz club and a walk around a city.

Both artists have impressed me massively on this track and show a great understanding of what makes the neo-jazz/neo-RnB genre so great. Koosje’s softly sung vocals are mixed very well, and the Artvark Saxophone Quartet, and the production as a whole, is virtually flawless. A great single for her debut.


Score/Outstanding: I don’t have any criticisms about this song, everything has been clearly thought of down to a T and the performances from both artists are too good to think about criticizing. The mixing is also very well done, keeping everything clear and crisp to the ear.

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Written by Jake Campbell

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