Singer-songstress Laufey has unveiled her sophomore album, and she’s stealing hearts one track at a time.

She has infused jazz and vintage pop ballads, breathing a fresh breeze into the contemporary pop music landscape. “From the Start,” the eclectic lead single of this exceptional record, currently boasts over 100 million streams on Spotify and is tantalisingly close to breaking into the Billboard Hot 100. It’s a hit, and its melodic charm touches everyone I know. The tunes featured on this record are magical and truly enchanting.

“Dreamer” serves as a powerful album opener, featuring an acappella section at the beginning that exudes a distinct “Patti Page-esque” quality. It’s genuinely invigorating to witness Laufey embracing and celebrating her musical solid roots.

“Bewitched,” the title track, exudes an almost cinematic quality reminiscent of a song from a Disney film, both in terms of lyrics and sonically. “California & Me” and 
“Promise” graciously emanates similar characteristics, creating a harmonious sonic experience that resonates with the album’s bewitching theme.

The album’s most exquisite moments are encapsulated within its core, where unrefined, organic melodies reign supreme. “Must Be Love” stands out as an eclectic pop ballad adorned with jazzy harmonies. In this composition, it is solely her, a guitar, a string ensemble, and her brilliance, which becomes even more luminous when stripped down to its essentials. Songs such as “Letter to My 13-Year-Old Self” and “Serendipity” testify to this artistic depth.

Laufey adroitly showcases a refined spectrum of talents throughout this record. The interlude “nocturne” (the title track draws forth reminiscences of Chopin’s oeuvre) impeccably showcases her virtuosic prowess on the piano; it is a piece that masterfully embodies the art of ‘lyric-less’ expression with a touch of elegance.

Below is my rating of each song on a scale of 1-10

“Dreamer” – 8

“Second Best” – 7.5


“Haunted” – 8

“Must Be Love” – 7.5

“While You Were Sleeping” – 6.5

“Lovesick” – 6

“California and Me” – 6

“Nocturne” – 7.5

“Promise” – 9

“From The Start” – 9

“Misty” – 6

“Serendipity” – 8

“Letter To My 13-Year-Old Self – 9

“Bewitched” – 7

Rating – Excellent. Laufey’s sophomore album is a captivating journey through a blend of jazz and vintage pop ballads, injecting fresh air into contemporary pop music. It’s an album that is artistically rich. Whether you’re a jazz, pop, or heartfelt ballad fan, this album has something to offer, making it a compelling addition to Laufey’s discography.

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