Legion X is thrilled to announce the highly awaited release. The “American Psycho” obviously captivates listeners with its unique blend of psychotic raps. this video is a must-watch as it never gives space for an eye wink.

If you love listening to rap music, then you need to check out Legion X. The artist hailing from La Mesa CA is offering a new sound to the genre that he has dubbed “psychosis rap”. This is a unique genre in the avenue of musical rap.

The music videos of the songs rightly back the song’s content, which shows the creativity and innovation of Legion X. Therefore, the whole package is a unique, creative, and fascinating piece.

With his distinctive sound and powerful performances, Legion X has been making waves in the music industry. Legion X is a rising rap artist hailing from La Mesa, CA. His style is quite famous for its hard-hitting lyrics insisting listeners think freely. He has most recently opened up for !Mayday¡ from Strange Music and X Raided.

With the “American Psycho” release, Legion X continues to deliver exhilarating tracks that showcase their artistic evolution and creative vision. Like other psychosis series, this song is meticulously crafted, demonstrating the band’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering a memorable listening experience.


For American Psycho visuals, Legion X gives you another intense look at how erratic and chaotic true expression can be. In the visual of this song, Legion X begins with multiple weird looks and a preciously mysterious laugh.

The song’s lyrics suggest that the character is a pure soul and does not care much about the world, and he also claims that he is psycho in terms of his unique thinking.

“American Psycho” is a mix of electronic sounds and heavy lyrics left for interpretation. His style of wording lyrics is intended to leave the listeners to interpret it differently every listen. Legion X does not intend to create followers but rather get others to become their true selves, independent from outside influences, and hence he has termed himself the “American Psycho”.

This is a unique and impressive way of influencing people to think differently and not care much about the world. Because for a man, the universe is inside him, and the outside “world means nothing much”. A well-known quote, “There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your thoughts,” suggests pondering your soul and raising it thoughtfully.

Legion X is working in the most mysterious and creative niche of psychosis. The content in his songs is blended with the rap musical style to convey the message to the people.

Enjoy the release of “American Psycho” and wait for more musical brilliance while staying connected to Legion X. Follow Legion X on social media for updates, exclusive content, and upcoming release dates.

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