Legion X – The Truth Editorial Music Video review. If you’re into rap music, then you need to check out Legion X. This artist is from San Diego and is bringing a new sound to the genre that he has dubbed “psychosis rap”

This fusion of metal and rock with rap is completely new, and Legion X is one of the first artists to experiment with it. I must say, this is a creative piece of art.

The music video for his song “The Truth” is a must-watch, it gives you a good idea of what Legion X is all about. Legion X is operating under own record label called Mezzamind records.

Walk-through About The Music Video And Artist

The video for “The Truth” starts with a security guard who works a night shift while monitoring cameras with an intense gaze.

He looks like he’s about to see something very surprising and important the newspaper falls from his hand, and he can’t help but feel drawn in.


Then the scene changes as he looks in the camera at a weird version of himself, seeing his whole body was full of insects.

As the song starts, Legion X begins to rap about a story of a guy who goes to work every night and hates his job.

While going through a mental breakdown, he left a question for society and tell them how it’s broken.

He talks about how people are controlled by their fears and are too afraid to speak out against the injustices they see.

His lyrics are powerful and thought-provoking, and they’ll make you question everything that you know.

The music video is expertly edited and perfectly captures the song’s feeling. The shots of Legion X rapping about the story powerfully are particularly effective, and they help convey the song’s message with the right energy needed at every scene.

If you’re a fan of rap music, then you need to check out Legion X. He’s an artist who is pushing the boundaries of the genre and creating something completely new which can also be seen in his previews video titled “Rampage” that is full of energy too. I will say Legion X is creative and dramatic with his performance on “The Truth” Music Video.

The Message

The message of the song is clear, and it’s something that everyone needs to hear. Sometimes we just question our life and existence which is the fact. You can Read Legion X – The Truth Song Lyrics. It’s obvious that Legion X is an artist who is not afraid to speak his mind, and he’s using his music to raise awareness about our problems.

The lyrics of “The Truth” are important, and they’ll make you think deep about the world that we live in. He said “Story – Guy goes to work,Guy Hates job, Guy has mental breakdown, Guy left to question his reality. Did any of this really happen? Are those “others” version of himself? or projections of different fates in different times? “

One thing I pulled of this is that Legion X wants the answer to be within us as he made it clear that we should question ourselves “Question Everything until you find your answers,” he added.

The Beat, Flow, And Vocal Delivery

The song’s beat is intense and perfectly matches the lyrics.

The song’s flow is smooth, and Legion X delivers his verses with powerful dynamic tone and makes a perfect mix of rock and metal with rap.

His vocal performance is top-notch, and he sounds great on the track.

Overall, Legion X – The Truth (Official Music Video) is a great song with a powerful message. Mehn! at 2:26 is a kudos to me as he demonstrated a great relationship with the camera and there are not a lot of musicians who can do that in my opinion.

The lyrics are thought-provoking, and the beat is intense. If you’re a fan of metal, hard rock, and rap, then you need to check out Legion X and probably subscribe to his channel for more of his energetic performance.

He’s an artist who is pushing the boundaries of the genre, and he’s creating something completely new. The music video for “The Truth” is a must-watch

Legion X – The Truth Song Lyrics

I’m a wretched maggot unstable no bueno

say it from yo chest or  yo heuvos 

you hate  my flow yet it savors

you hear it now you hear later

keep question my behavior

are you a master of the mind or do you choose to crusade it

wreak some havok throw  a tantrum

make that your new anthem

my music not for the weak and faint

when it beats down like a hand drum

I speak the truth to my belief

this life to bleak it bleeds in greed

reflect that imagery

my warhead ministry  

 all the love I’ll never noooooooo

what a Fucken drag drag drag

why i let he go go go go  

and i never waved it back the price to pay would turn one mad


tell em I’m a nut case 

bouncin off the wall

I have no love to give 

here’s duct tape

shut ya Fucken mouth

I do not care to hear yo complains

I am eager beaver 

decapitate all deceivers 

the reason people disappear 

is that they were never real

to begin with I’m mad

I’m sick as cyst on yo upper lip damn

still throbbing to pop 

droping panties by the guap 

they screaming boy you keep it hot

ladies pay me just to hop

on this pogo I loco 

god status call me Kronos 

psycho social

 reason I am solo

I am just a habit 

habitually stuck to rapping

attracting the seeds I sowed 

and now I know why crazy happened


wherever the light strikes

shadows arise 

the road to victory brought misery that’s one of a kind

the thought of peace will blossom to war

new hatred is born

to protect a love that can’t be undone 

I’d weather that storm

I warned you to never step into the mind of a killer

I keep my soul froze like a blizzard

no remorse forced and it figured 

that my fate flowed like a river

spoke to me with a whisper

spin me round like a twister

to be this psycho sick and sinister



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