Lifesize Teddy Lifesize Teddy EP Review
Lifesize Teddy Lifesize Teddy EP Review

Lifesize Teddy’s self-titled EP is a fresh breeze of Afropop fusion that combines the sounds of Lagos and London.

Growing up in two places, Bonny Island and Lagos, Teddy’s musical influence obviously stems from a variety of experiences and perspectives. She can change her style from tropical and relaxed music to bouncy club anthems with noticeable ease and without disrupting the flow of the project.

“Air” is a super chilled afro-soul hit that transports the listener to the soothing sunshine of Lagos. The light, airy instrumental provides a tinge of nostalgia to the song that exudes the feeling of carefree living and reflection.

Teddy herself has an excellent performance on this song too, showcasing her blissfully consistent melodies and her laid-back rapping ability in a style similar to that of UK rapper Little Simz.

“Hypnotic” sees Teddy get into more of a nighttime groove with a bouncy club instrumental and catchy chorus designed to get people up and getting lit.


She also levels up her rap performance on this one and provides a more American-sounding flow, combining it with the trademark slickness that comes with African artists.

“Butterflies” embodies the Afropop sound and has all the components for it to be played on the radio and at chilled house parties. It is also my favourite vocal performance from Teddy, as her layered, melodically driven flow becomes addictive on the second listen.

“John Wick” also has an interesting vocal layer to it. Utilising a more Afrobeats-driven sound, Teddy fully embraces the African way of riding the beat. At 1:25, her eccentric and flamboyant flow feels like NSG or Kcee, with a real sense of street finesse and natural swagger.

“Prophecy”, ends the album with Teddy’s ambition to follow her dreams and the pride she takes in creating her music and living the way she intends to. “I’m a living prophecy”, Teddy sings confidently in the chorus, laying her personality and her own passion bare for the listener.

Score/Excellent: Lifesize Teddy plays to her strengths on this EP and picks her beats exceptionally well. She also proves she can make songs for the radio, playlists, and clubs. This EP has songs for all fans of African music, whether it be Afrobeats, Afropop, or something more in the direction of Amapiano.

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