Mezolozyde – The Call (Official Video)


We present a super special project from Mezolozyde from Berlin, Germany featuring other creative talented guitarists Quique Del Bianco and Rita Gonzalez Hesaynes whose role in the video is a “Hacker”… Don’t worry the exact story is inspiring and you can only get the gist by watching the music video from the beginning to the end.

When asked about the inspiration for “The Call” it was related that it reveals a futuristic and dystopian version of Berlin in the year 2077 which is one of it kind I have ever seen in the story behind a music video such as this. People relate to the past but the Mezolozyde has made a different choice toward 2077 which is incredible.

Here is the gist of the music video.

Mezolozyde has introduced a potential villain, a mysterious woman, and the viewer notices that EzZe is being chased. They then travel with him through the hidden parts of this dark gritty future Berlin while at the same time taking in its glamorous and flashing facade.

The entire crew behind the making of this music video reflects excellence in the final result as you can see from start to finish the creativity level is top-notch when compared to the industry standard. See The Crew Here.


The history of Mezolozyde you may ask?

After the first single “Sooner Or Later”, Mezolozyde releases remixes from Nemrac (Syncretism Records), The Ebertbrothers (Mindwaves Music), and Nrec (Nrecmusic), three great music producers settled in Berlin, letting you listen to their so diverse and unique versions of the song that will blow your mind. Said Mezolozyde

Mezolozyde is not just music accompanied by video clips but a whole universe of its own, music, lyrics, and visuals which has reflected in this new release “The Call”

Mezolozyde is not just a musician’s name but it carries a vision that is clear and concise and the idea is worth following up closely with as it’s an open invitation to everyone who loves music and is passionate about it. Get in touch with Mezolozyde asap! it’s going to be an interesting ride.

According to Mezolozyde, There is another music video that will soon be released and you want to stay tuned on Music Review World to get close updates about it.

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