The debut album ‘Dogsbody’ by the New York-based band ‘Model/Actriz’ has been receiving significant attention across various online platforms and music media. While it may seem like an obvious choice for the album of the month, its brilliance, intellect, and impulsiveness have been garnering a lot of attention. However, before delving deeper into the album, it’s essential to shed light on this relatively new band with an intriguing name.

The four-piece band, which hasn’t been around for a long time, worked on their debut album primarily during the Covid years. As such, their music is imbued with a certain pressure, darkness, heaviness, and tension that are emblematic of the times. The band practices a democratic approach and writes all their music together, contributing to their cohesive sound.

Despite the hype surrounding the band, with less than 15k followers on Instagram, they aren’t necessarily a big name yet. However, that may change soon, given the critical acclaim their music has been receiving.

In a previous ‘AOTM’ review, I discussed how ‘Young Fathers’ music defies categorization, and the same can be said for ‘Model/Actriz’. They meld industrial sounds, noise-rock, punk attitude, and post-punk sensibilities, creating a sound that’s both electrifying and unpredictable. Their music is intense, causing a listener to feel breathless at times, but it’s also incredibly groovy and danceable.

The album has a consistent oppressive feel throughout, with tracks like ‘Mosquito’ and ‘Amaranth’ delivering an aggressive and fast-paced vibe. Meanwhile, ‘Divers’ and ‘Sleepless’ slow things down, offering more introspective and mellow jams. Even in the slower tracks, the band maintains tension and melancholy, making it difficult for listeners to let their guard down.

Overall, ‘Dogsbody’ is an exceptional debut album that showcases the band’s talent for crafting music that’s equal parts hypnotic and captivating. While their sound may not be for everyone, it’s undoubtedly worth checking out for those who appreciate music that pushes boundaries and challenges expectations.

The album’s cover art is a fitting representation of its music. It presents a captivating image that initially appears somewhat ambiguous, but upon closer inspection, the true nature of the artwork is revealed, leaving listeners pleasantly surprised.

Given the exceptional quality of ‘Dogsbody’, it would be astonishing if it fails to feature on any of the ‘album of the year’ lists. The album’s innovative sound and masterful production make it a strong choice on the list.

Model/Actriz – Dogsbody

Released, February 24th, 2023

Album of the Month by Cuberat

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