How To Write A Music Performance Review

A music performance review is basically a written piece that gives honest feedback and critique on live performances. To give an accurate overview of the concert, it is imperative to write in both subject and objective tone by keeping every aspect in mind.

Here in this blog post, we have mentioned everything you need to know about how to write a music performance review, and why it is important to have one for musicians and event organizers.

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Purpose Of Writing Music Performance Review

Reviewing musical performances is very popular among people. The number of people who read reviews exceeds the number of people who read books or watch movies. Unfortunately, most reviews are not very positive.

You write a musical performance review to express your opinion about the show and to show your attitude towards it. The majority of writers receive payment for good reviews, so it is a good opportunity to earn some money.

In reviewing a performance, you are always expressing your opinion. When someone writes feedback, it simply evaluates the performance based on likes and dislikes.

It is important for the reviewer to provide a deep argument for their opinion. The review writer interacts and connects emotionally and physically with the public and the experience of music performance and explains that in their own words.

Tips On Writing Review On A Musical Performance

  • Your main focus shouldn’t be on taking photos and getting biographies. And if you don’t know much about the artist, do your research and write a rough draft about them.
  • You should not read reviews about the music performance that you are going to describe in your review.
  • Try to watch the performance live and observe everything, this will help you increase the credibility of your review and you will be able to give your readers a real-time experience.
  • Take a notebook and pen, and while observing the music performance, make notes that you think your mind would miss while watching the performance. For example,  draw the scene about the performance in your mind, and note down the favorite songs that you enjoyed the most. Most importantly, keep an eye on the performers and the audience.
  • The audience is an imperative part of the music performance, and the quality and experience depend on them, whether they enjoyed the performance or not.
  • Don’t rush your writing, take your time even if it takes days, take your mind back to the day of the performance and try to remember.
Music Performance Review

Questions You Should Ask Yourself While Writing Performance Review

  • What are the main subjects of the review?
  • Are you writing a relevant review about the specific performance?
  • Express why you decided to write the review.
  • How do you feel about the performance and writing?
  • What are the drawbacks or flaws you’ve seen during the music performance?
  • Did the artists/musicians/band try to communicate with the audience during the performance?

Steps You Should Follow To Write An Authentic Music Performance Review

  • The first part of your review should explain brief information about the overall performance, the artists, and their previous performances.
  • Write the content of your review from an analytical point of view, and describe which type of message performances wanted to convey to their audience. What was the atmosphere they developed there? State your reasons and give your arguments on things that you think should be improved.
  • Evaluate the vocal performance at the concert, and enlist the name of every singer who performed live.
  • Make your statement about the lighting, scenarios, and management, whether they managed everything well, or there are some flaws or inconveniences.
  • It would be great if you do not compare the performance with the previous one, musicians tend to learn from their past mistakes and highlighting them wouldn’t be a good choice.

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