New Jeans – Get Up [EP REVIEW]


New Jeans have ignited a fresh craze within the realm of K-POP. They’re signed with “ADOR,” an independent label nestled under the South Korean music giant, “HYBE.” Anticipation surrounds their imminent EP, poised to reshape the genre’s contours as we currently know them. I foresee an impact reminiscent of Lorde’s paradigm-shifting “Pure Heroine,” a work that ushered pop minimalism onto the mainstream music canvas. The track “Royals,” culled from that opus, set the stage ablaze upon its 2013 debut. A stunning revelation is the EP’s striking emergence at the zenith of the Billboard 200 chart during the week of its release.

The vanguard and preeminent gem of this EP is christened “Super Shy.” Its dominion spans the K-Pop soundscape like a tempest. This track ascended to South Korea’s coveted Circle Digital Chart throne, clinching NewJeans their third consecrated chart-topper in the nation. On an international spectrum, it assumes its pinnacle across diverse charts, reigning supreme in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. The crescendo reaches its zenith, marking its highest attainment on the Billboard Global 200 (at the distinguished second place), the UK Singles Chart (capturing the 52nd spot), and the US Billboard Hot 100 (nestling into the 48th slot).

Inaugurating my rendezvous with this group, I happened upon “Super Shy” via an Instagram story shared by a friend. Its production instantaneously captivated me, leading me to assume I had unearthed a novel indie UK garage group. The song’s backbeat exuded a resemblance to Shanks & Bigfoot’s classic “Sweet Like Chocolate.” It was, in reality, a K-Pop song. A stark departure from the run-of-the-mill K-Pop anthems that I hear in the gym.

Here’s my rating for each song on a scale of (1-10):

“New Jeans” – 7


“Super Shy” – 10

“ETA” – 7

“Cool With You” – 8

“Get Up” – 6

“ASAP” – 9

Rating/Excellent – A pop gem.

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