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About Papa Satch

Papa Satch( The Band) is a Long Island, New York Based band in the style of such bands as Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Wilco, and Neil Young. The Band consists Of Bob Sachnoff( Papa Satch; Lead and Backup vocals) Steve Ronsen( Guitar, Bass Drums Lead and backup Vocals and Keyboards), and John Zych on Keyboards. Bob writes the music and Lyrics for the songs with the help of Steve Ronsen, Arden Fekett, Clarke Ganshaw, and John Hesterberg to write and Co-Write the lyrics.

Bob started his adventure as a member of such bands as Black Horizon, OOlOO, Blank Stare, and Mercy Hit. He was an integral member of the seminal Band ‘ Spoof’. He Wrote on Played on and Produced the critically acclaimed Album “Actress, Doggin It” Album. Steve is an award-winning music director who has played with the likes of Eddie Money and Charlie Daniels as well as his own bands such as Quickdraw and The Fast Lane and is Presently playing many solo performances Across the Northeast. He wrote played on and Produced his solo Cd ‘Everything’ which gained him critical acclaim.

He has also produced and engineered many albums for different bands in Long Island, New York. John plays Keyboards in several different Projects Around musicians and is a prolific songwriter in his own right. With the help of the very talented lyricists, Clarke Ganshaw, Arden Fekett, and John Hesterberg, Papa Satch has created a sound all their own.

Album Review Tell Me in a Whisper Album

Tell Me in a Whisper is a feel-good sunshine album with catchy choruses and super clean production.

To outsiders of the state like me, New York is seen as a gritty, cold state where the clouds are grey, and people often wear frowns. However, Papa Satch has a sunny upbeat aura in a similar vein to Bruce Springsteen or Steely Dan, both of whom are musicians from around the same area (don’t crucify me for saying New Jersey is the same as New York).

The song ‘Do You Believe’ kicks off the album with a fun lighthearted tone. The chorus is easy to sing along to, and the instrumentation has an instant feel-good factor that you just can’t shake off. Its nostalgic sound and golden-hued lyrics make it feel like a throwback song from way back when.

‘Picture’, has a similarly nostalgic atmosphere, this time with softer strings and well-written, relatable lyrics. “Looking at this picture is like opening a door, the things I will find there I’m still not really sure”, is my favorite lyric from the song and perhaps the whole album. ‘Picture’ is a song about looking back on memories and unpacking the stories behind them, a well-done and touching theme.

However, there are a few songs on here that feel a little too plain and could do with some extra meat on their bones. ‘Trouble for me’ and ‘Got me thinkin’ both lack the personality of ‘Picture’, or the storytelling of ‘Eugene Oregon’. At times it feels like Papa Satch put themselves in too rigid of a box, leaving little room to go off the beaten track.

It’s a positive and a negative. Despite a feeling of rigidity and certain points, the album is cohesive and well-sequenced because of it. It’s also not overly long, like a lot of albums these days, it is an album that tells its story and doesn’t overstay its welcome, which is a sign of a band that knows its music and the lengths it can go to.

‘Be With You’, is a great closer that stands out from the rest of the album, using different sounds to create a soulful western saloon aesthetic. It has a notable cinematic feel, different from the rest of the tracks, and a slightly gloomy feel that contrasts the album’s opener perfectly.

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Score/Good: Tell Me in a Whisper is fun, upbeat, and perfectly designed for a road trip out in the sticks. If Bruce Springsteen or Tom Petty live in your playlist, Papa Satch is almost a perfect fit for you. For me, some of the songs fell flat but there’s still a lot to be enjoyed and a few good songs to take away from it.

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Written by Jake Campbell

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