Pierre Bourne GRAILS EP Review
Pierre Bourne GRAILS EP Review

In an ode to his fans, Pierre has released an EP consisting of some of his best and most popular leaks to date.

Pierre has proven himself to be a rapper that’s a man of the people. At live shows, he consistently thanks his fans and, discography-wise, he tends to drop an album every year to make sure his fans aren’t going hungry. Although Pierre’s name is massively influential in the hip-hop world as a producer, he’s still rap’s best-kept secret when it comes to his rapping. He has a near-flawless discography that doesn’t get talked about enough and Grails only adds to the collection.

The EP consists of 8 short songs that are already fan favourites through being leaked on Pierre’s Instagram Live. Songs like George Lopez and IG have been on the fans’ waiting list for months, finally, Pierre has brought them to their full fruition, with great effect too. In typical Pierre fashion, each song transitions into the next, making Grails feel like one long song, in a similar fashion to TLOP 4 or 5.

Because of the short track list, the project feels water-tight and packed full of quality, whereas as some Pierre albums have a little too much filler, Grails has good quality control, and I can safely say every song deserves to be on the project. The production is fantastically creative and addictive, but that’s to be expected from a veteran like Pierre. The hooks on this album may be some of his best however, as I hear myself singing different parts of each song throughout the day, thinking “Damn that isn’t even one of my favourites”.

Ok, Pierre isn’t exactly Rhymefest or MF Doom when it comes to his lyrics, but his strong suit is he knows his role and he knows it well. Pierre’s job is pop out just before summer or just before winter and provide you with the tone to set your season with. He’s not looking to give you a deep message or life-changing music, he’s looking to give you a vibe, like an aimless day at the beach or doing college work in a coffee shop.


Call it what you want, Pierre does it well, extremely well.

Score/Excellent: Pierre provides the perfect music to drive to, walk the dog to, chill out to, study to, workout to, the list is endless. Pierre feels like one of those artists who serves a purpose, and that purpose is to make you as cool and as laid back as he is. I’m not sure if I could ever reach that status, but his music sure makes me feel like I can.

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Written by Jake Campbell


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