How To Write Music Reviews

Writing a music review is fun and can sometimes be rewarding. But not everyone knows the art of writing music reviews that dictates every key detail, such as music genre, instruments, concepts, and many more.

However, suppose you are a music lover and want to review the music of your favorite singers and musicians and give your honest opinion. In that case, there are some things that you need to understand before getting started!

And undoubtedly, pitchfork is one of the most famous and competitive blogs on the internet that provides a high-quality source of music criticism. Here’s how you can write music reviews like a pitchfork.

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1 – Listen To The Song Until You Learn It’s Lyrics

Take a few minutes to listen to the song and study its lyrics.

Don’t be intimidated by them because you can determine the best way to write the review once you learn them. It’s always best to focus on the music, not the lyrics, as they are always in flux.

Although, don’t be afraid to take 10 minutes to listen after you’ve purchased the song if you want to make it seem like you know it. However, it would be great if you reviewed the things that have already been said about the song from other sources on the Internet or in the media so that we can compare them.

2 – Identify the Musician’s Influences & Their Unique Views

Now you should identify the musical influences of the featured artist(s). For example, if you are writing a review for a rock band, you would look to classic rock and metal rock bands like the Grateful Dead, Van Halen, Soundgarden, and Metallica.

Or you can use genres to identify bands, such as country, blues, rock n roll, jazz, punk, and soul.

However, you should identify the unique views that the featured artist(s) have of their music.

For example, if you are reviewing a band that plays the blues, then you should include songs that are: full of soul, raw and edgy, stripped-down and raunchy, or raucous and angry.

3 – Write a Summary About The Lyrics

Your next step should be writing a detailed summary of the lyrics that match their style while also categorizing their work in a list of similar artists.

Outline the strengths and weaknesses of their work and how they fit in with their contemporaries.

Go through the lyrics and highlight important details, lines, and featured artists. Note that this is where you should try to link to their music or through further research.

4 – Restate the Key Ideas of the Song

To get the full effect of a great music review, you need to pay close attention to what the person studying the songs is saying and why they’re saying it.

One way to write a successful music review is to follow the process of a piece of music. A great music review is full of quotations that make sense to the reader and they are memorable. Which results in a strong story that keeps the reader coming back.

How To Write Music Reviews Like Pitchfork

5 – Food for Thought

If there are any points in the review that you feel is not explained well enough, have a question, or need further explanation, then… If you were really into a review, this might be the place to put a comment of some sort.

Something like: This review has a lot of interesting ideas and thoughts, but we need more clarification on how to take these ideas. Or: My wife and I enjoyed looking at this review but didn’t go there due to the rating.

6 – Find Ways To Find The Song’s Meaning.

It’s Easier to Find Meaning in Relatively Easier Songs, but It’s Achievable with Difficult Songs.

If You’re Too Dishonest, Your Readers Will Think You Don’t Know Music. “I’ve written countless pieces over the years and made a lot of mistakes,” says the writer and producer Jordan Evans, a Pitchfork contributor.

A music review is something that one is obliged to write. So you should take the time to understand it and try to write it. And make sure you come up with the best possible and most accurate review you can.

Final Words

Music Review writing can be one of the most difficult and intimidating tasks. The music industry is extremely competitive, and the difference between success and failure can be measured in inches.

That is why it is important to understand Pitchfork’s music review strategy. Pitchfork reveals that they never listen to a song until they fully understand the lyrics.

They also identify the influences and unique viewpoints of the musician and write a summary of their lyrics so that they can retain what is being said. This helps Pitchfork maintain a relaxed, clinical, and intelligent writing style that helps to deliver a fuller review of the song.


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