R2rCam Wizardry (Album Review)
R2rCam Wizardry (Album Review)

R2RCam’s latest album has undoubtedly made a lasting impression, although it treads a middle-of-the-road path in today’s music scene. With a staggering 30 tracks, this release embraces a quantity-over-quality approach, challenging conventional expectations.

This expansive opus attempts to blend R&B and mumble-rap influences, creating a sound that may evoke thoughts of the enigmatic artist “Yeat.” It’s evident that the artist, also known as “Cam Smith,” poured their creative energies into crafting this extensive collection.

In a music landscape where shorter albums often dominate, R2RCam’s audacious move to release such an extensive record is undeniably bold. It harks back to Lil Uzi Vert’s “Pink Tape,” in the sense that it is a hit or miss.

The album’s experimental nature is commendable, with “Did It First” offering a glimmer of promise. This standout track showcases a bold piano riff reminiscent of classic hip-hop records, momentarily hinting at the album’s potential. A similar fleeting moment can be found on “Set It Off,” which leans more towards “gangsta-rap.”

Then there’s “Hood Love Story,” which distinguishes itself with its unapologetic use of 808s and a beat firmly rooted in the 90s “Neo-soul” soundscape. It’s laden with synths, providing a somewhat refreshing departure within this music genre.


It’s worth noting that R2RCam wrote all 30 songs on this record, save for one (an impressive feat, no doubt); however, as the album progresses, it becomes increasingly apparent that maintaining a consistent level of quality was a herculean task. Despite these shortcomings, there remains something curiously intriguing about the record, drawing in those who appreciate artists pushing their creative boundaries, even if the outcome doesn’t consistently hit the mark.

Below is a rating for each song on a scale of 1-10:

“Look Out” – 5

“Standing On Dat” – 5.5

“Lightning McQueen” – 4

“Bag Talk” – 6

“Did It First” – 7

“Mission Man” – 5

“Victory Lap” – 5

“Roll Em” – 6

“Spicnspan” – 6

“Set It Off” – 7.5

“Big Glam” – 6

“Medusa” – 6

“Rara” – 6

“Hogwartz” – 7

“Lame-o Laughtrack” – 5

“Matrix” – 6

“Harambe” – 6.5

“Mardi Gras” – 4

“OMD” – 5

“Onenottwo” – 4

“Fail2win” – 6

“Da Blues” – 4

“Venus” – 6

“Demi” – 4.5

“Lescc” – 5

“Summit” – 6

“Hood Love Story” – 5

“All 4U” – 6

“I See” – 4

“Almighty” – 5

Rating/Good – This album can be deemed a solid effort, particularly given its ambitious scope. Despite its imperfections, it stands out as a good offering for those who seek innovation and daring experimentation in music.

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