Reviewing the song by Ramirez Coiva titled Say Something.

Ramirez Coiva is a Rock Artist, well experience in the music industry as he has been functioning as a musician for the past 30 years. but not only that, Ramirez is an ex-pro athlete with a passion for rock music which reflects in the delivery of Say Something. I will dive more into my opinion about the music and what our album of the month host feels about it.

But first, let’s read from Ramirez Coiva “Say something” is just one of many songs I wrote during that period. which I guess while he was an athlete. “It’s based on Edgar Allan Po’s poem “The Raven”… I was living all around the world, from Italy, Germany, Istanbul, Doha” he added. Ramirez is from Croatia. Indeed this song means a lot to Ramirez I will say.

He has a unique mindset that writing song in English helps reach a wider audience, the melody and lyrics of songs are very important to Ramirez which reflects in “Say Something”, the lyrics are quite easy to follow and digest with emphasis on the theme of the song Say Something… so he doesn’t get misunderstood. The song has its own unique delivery.

If you are a fan of classic rock with a twist or melodic vibe then I will recommend listening to “Say Something”!

Talking about the sound and production quality of this single, I would say it’s over average and meets the minimal industry standards as the vocals were clear projecting the lyrics well. on the contrary by our in-house expert cube rat, who classified this piece as a classic rock ballads “The melody is simple and catchy. For the friends of classic rock ’Say Something’ would probably work out nicely. Some things disturb the overall listening experience like the uneven tempo and the piano which is mixed a bit too loud. But like said, if you are a fan of classic melancholic rock, give this track a try!”

The vocals are 100% for me and I feel Ramirez got the talent to be the rock artist that he is which reflects really well in the entire chorus which gives me little goosebumps anytime that place hits. He is indeed talented.

Finally, I will rate this single a 4 of the 5 that I give songs. because it got a great catchy chorus and the vocals are well delivered in my personal opinion. in terms of production and mix, there could have been a better mix but yah, we got room to always improve our mix

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Song Release Date: January 2020
Artist: Ramirez Coiva
Review Contribution: CubeRat
Written By: Music Review World

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