Royksopp – Profound Mysteries III Album Review
Royksopp – Profound Mysteries III Album Review

Röyksopp – Profound Mysteries III

The Norwegian electro kings have made a HUGE comeback after eight long years. The duo released the Profound Mysteries series of three albums in April, August, and November. All three albums resemble their early Nordic electro sound with a fresh touch.

The duo has a long history of making danceable, catchy, and melancholic music. Their first albums, Melody A.M. (2001) and The Understanding (2005) were already big breakthroughs with hits like ‘Eple’ and ‘What Else Is There?’. After these two albums, there have been some hits and misses, but the whole trilogy of Profound Mysteries has taken Röyksopp back on track big time.

III starts with a slowly building ‘So Ambiguous’ with the vocals by Jamie Irrepressible from the UK. The track has a beautiful and hopeful soundscape, a lazy beat with a great flute track, and calming string arrangements. The three following songs are tied together with different female vocalists and more danceable beats, all having solid melancholic touch. These three tracks are great, but ‘The Night’ really stands out. It’s definitely one of the album’s best tracks and even from the whole series.

It flows in a fantastic way hypnotizing the listener. Another big track is ‘Speed King’ with a massive length, close to ten minutes. A repetitive beat in the background leads the whole track with many small details and tricks. There are also great synths and melodies throughout the whole track. It would be best if you listened to this music loud at a club, getting yourself loose. ‘Feel It,’ also one of the longest tracks of the album has an interesting detail being like a “part 2” or a remix to the track ‘Unity’ from Profound Mysteries II. There are even some lines in the lyrics which are totally the same.

Otherwise, this track has an irresistible groove. The album’s last track, ‘Like An Old Dog,’ feels like closing a circle with the album’s opener, both having massive strings and a hopeful feeling.

The album has no dull moments, and it’s hard to mention any flaws or weaknesses. As the trilogy, III is definitely some of the best music Röyksopp has ever made. It’s incredible how the duo can, after 20 years of making music, still create such a massive and brilliant package of Nordic dance music.

One of the greatest things about III and the whole trilogy is how different the entire package is compared to the fast music industry of the day. Every week, a bunch of singles is coming and going. Röyksopp has created 2 hours and 40 minutes of brilliant dance music lasting many repeats.

Since Profound Mysteries is not a single album but a series of albums, I want to also mention a few tracks from I and II. ‘Impossible’ has such a great bassline which works well with the delicate vocals of Alison Goldfrapp, ‘This Time, This Place..’ is just a massive club banger, and ‘If You Want Me’ with such a longing feeling and excellent vocals by Susanne Sundfør. ‘Denimclad Baboons’ reminds of the great early tunes of Röyksopp, ‘Unity’ which has a strong UK vibe with the breakbeat/garage beat and catchy vocals by Karen Harding, and the short but touching ‘Remembering The Departed’. If you want to add some spice to the package, enjoy the trilogy with the short film and animated visualizations for each track!

I am glad Röyksopp made a massive comeback with 30 new tracks!

Listen to Röyksopp – Profound Mysteries II
Listen to Röyksopp – Profound Mysteries

Röyksopp – Profound Mysteries III Album

Released, November 18th, 2022

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