We present to you PURE Album from a Sebastian Lightfoot

Who is Sebastian Lightfoot and how come this new Album?

European composer / instrumental artist Sebastian Lightfoot (Netherlands) is back with A great new album called PURE. The album holds 10 newly written, amazing melodic songs. PURE is Sebastian’s 10th full album. The songs on the album are perfectly arranged and vary from slower to up-tempo songs and are very enjoyable to listen to.

The songs on the album are inspiring, supportive, magical, and uplifting and will be much appreciated by a large crowd of music lovers of all ages, music fans of good quality melodic pop music / instrumental music/world music fans.

Other famous artists in this music genre are Vangelis, Enya, Secret Garden, Enigma, Hans Zimmer to name a few. Fans of these artists will love this new album PURE for sure. Of course, Sebastian Lightfoot has built a huge following also. A great comforting album in these challenging and difficult times.

Listen To PURE Album by Stebastain Lightfoot Below

Album Info Of Pure By Sebastian Lightfoot

Release date: October 25 – 2022
Genre: pop / instrumental
Country of origin: Netherlands

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