Square Tugs Biography

Square Tugs have been playing solidly around Brisbane since mid-2020 and are well-established on the live circuit. All members are veterans of the Brisbane Punk scene and have been playing since the early 1980s…. yes, we’re all over 50.

They are all about bringing people together and encouraging fun nights out for the love of punk rock. 2022 has seen the band busy releasing five singles, and their debut album was released 4th of November 2022

Their debut four-song EP, released in September 2021 received an outstanding response from community radio across Australia with “Vodka, Lime and Soda” reaching number 4 on the 4ZZZ Hottest 100. The EP has received enthusiastic reviews in Australia and from as far afield as Russia, Brazil, Europe, and the UK including 7/10 in Vive Le Rock magazine.

The Square Tugs are Davey Tug on guitar and vocals (Bad Ronald, Ringpull, Strange Stains, Roughriders), Randy Tug on drums and vocals (General Waste), and Paulie Tug on bass and vocals (Crucified Truth, 100R and The Warthogs).

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