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    Chase Greene – For It (Single Review)

     Chase captures the summer sun in a bottle with his new Pop/Trap single For It. The song centres around a summery guitar chord progression that...

    Olivia Rodrigo – GUTS (Album Review)

    Coming off the success of the Grammy-winning album SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo brings us GUTS, an album that could be considered a follow-up to her...

    R2rcam – Wizardry [Album Review]

    R2RCam's latest album has undoubtedly made a lasting impression, although it treads a middle-of-the-road path in today's music scene. With a staggering 30 tracks,...

    Grace Inspace – “Sunshine Kid” [EP Review]

    In the sphere of emerging talents, Grace Inspace stands as a beacon of promise, steadfastly carving her path towards the pinnacle of the pop...

    Arden – Meraki (Album Review)

    Independent pop artist Arden, based out of London, recently released his debut album Meraki. The album title, meaning to “put one’s soul into his...

    Elamar – Crazy Lonely | prod. By Simon

    Listen to Crazy Lonely by Elamar Listen below Follow Elamar On Instagram

    Jeffrey Naumann – She Said

    Listen to the amazing pop piece from Jeffrey Naumann singing "She Said" Subscribe to Jeffrey Naumann