Instagram has quickly become one of musicians’ most popular social media platforms. 

It provides an excellent opportunity to share your music with the world and connect with other musicians. 

This article will discuss some of the best Instagram accounts to follow if you are an up-and-coming musician. 

We will also provide some tips on how to make the most of Instagram for your career as a musician

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Unlimited Voices

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite TV show became an Instagram page? 


Well, now there’s a chance. Unlimited voices are dedicated to entertaining their audience with singing videos and showcasing who they think has the best voice! 

Their feed mainly consists of user-generated content but anyone can email them for promo opportunities as well (even though we’re not really sure why).

Rap Music

If you’re into rap music, this is the page for YOU. You’ll get all things hip-hop every day of your life with posts on mainstream artists in Hollywood as well! 

If they don’t already have enough followers from their 3 million IG subscribers and growing by leaps n bounds each day.

They are always looking out for emails to those who want something special pushed at them or promotions sent through email

Underdog Acoustic

It’s not every day that you find a promo account so committed to promoting less-known musicians. 

Underdog Acoustic is an ally for all aspiring musicians, with the goal of discovering new talent and sharing their music free of charge! 

They have numerous videos on Instagram where they feature different artists playing instruments such as guitars or keyboards in addition to having links available through our website if anyone wants more information about us

In today’s fast-paced world we often forget how amazing it can feel just to take some time out from everyday life – whether it’s sitting by a campfire listening intently while watching sunsets go up over mountains far away


Hip-hop artist, Bizzle is a Christian who focuses on hip-hop with an emphasis in his music to speak the truth

He has been nominated three times at the Stellar Awards and made it into the top lists by billboard where he’s most proud of being a husband and father-child of God.  

Although not everyone will like this type of message there are those, who, therefore, looking for motivation from somewhere other than what they’re seeing pushed all around them so give him follow if you want some good vibes sent your way!!

Instagram For Musicians: How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Audience

If you’re a musician, you must use all the tools at your disposal to grow your audience.

One of the most popular social media platforms these days is Instagram.

This platform can be used to share photos and videos of your music, connect with other musicians and find new fans.

Below, we will discuss how musicians can use Instagram to grow their audience and promote their music!

the best Instagram accounts to follow

How Can Musicians Use Instagram To Grow Their Audience?

Instagram can be a very useful tool for your music and establishing your brand by sharing regular updates of what you are doing, the scenes looking at your work, and hashtags.

You can also use Instagram stories to give your fans a sneak peek of upcoming events or new music.

It is a great way to build hype and get people excited about your work. You can also use Instagram to connect with other musicians.

By following and commenting on their posts, you can build relationships with others in the industry.

This is an excellent way to network and potentially open up new opportunities for yourself.

Finally, don’t forget to use hashtags! Hashtags are a great way to connect with new people who might be interested in your music.

Using relevant hashtags, you can ensure that the right people are seeing your content.

Why Use Instagram Over Other Social Media Platforms For Music Promotion Purposes?

Instagram is a very visual platform, making it perfect for sharing photos and videos of your music.

The platform also has a lot of users, which means there is a potential to reach a large number of people with your content.

Another benefit of using Instagram is that it’s easy to connect with other people in the industry.

So, if you’re a musician looking to promote your music and grow your audience, use Instagram!

How To Set Up An Instagram Account For Your Musician Business

Now that we’ve discussed some ways that Instagram can be used to promote your music, let’s talk about how to set up an Instagram account for your musician business.

The first step is to choose a username that represents your brand well.

You want something that is easy to remember and will be associated with your music. Once you have a username, it’s time to start creating content.

As a musician, you’ll want to share photos and videos of your music and the behind-the-scenes content of your creative process.

Case Studies Of Successful Musicians Who Have Used Instagram To Grow Their Audience

Now that we’ve gone over how to use Instagram to promote your music, let’s take a look at some case studies of successful musicians who have used this platform to grow their audience.

One great example is BTS, a Korean pop band that has taken the world by storm.

They have been very active on Instagram, sharing photos and videos of their music and behind-the-scenes content of their creative process.

This has helped them to connect with their fans and grow a large following.

Another example is Ed Sheeran, one of the world’s most popular musicians.

He has used Instagram to share photos and videos of his music and give his fans a behind-the-scenes look at his life and work.

This has helped him build a strong connection with his fans and grow a large audience.

Final Verdict!

As musicians, it is important to find ways to get our music in front of new ears. Instagram can be a powerful tool for doing just that. 

By using the app correctly and strategically, we can reach new fans and grow our audience. 

The accounts we’ve listed above are great examples of how to do this effectively. 

Have you followed any of them? 

What tips do you have for other musicians looking to use Instagram to promote their music?

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