Concert Promoters
Concert Promoters

As a solo artist without an established label or manager backing, you’ll have to work harder than most if your goal is a success.

Your first step should be finding reputable concert promotion firms who can help spread the word about upcoming shows and sell out as many tickets for them before they go on sale!

Your best concert promoter will depend on your needs and what type of show it is.

Here in this article, we have mentioned some top concert promoters that every independent artist should know to get a huge hit of success in their career.

Let’s get started!

  1. 1 – Live Nation
  2. 2 – AEG Live
  3. 3 – Another Planet
  4. 4 – Frank Productions
  5. 5 – C3 Presents
  6. 6 – Goldenvoice
  7. 7- The Bowery Presents
  8. Final Words

1 – Live Nation

Imagine you are an independent musician and have just gotten your hands on some big concert promoters.

The company that will be playing at one of the largest venues in America soon is Live Nation!

You couldn’t ask for better timing as they’ve been booming this past year with over 28 million attendees coming through their doors.

They’ve grossed over $2 million through 2,700 shows annually, which is quite impressive!

2 – AEG Live

The next company on our list is AEG Live.

They’ve been able to promote concerts and events with success, though they may not be as popular or well-known as other companies like Live Nation.

They generated over $1 million for just 2,7491 shows from a tiny fraction of the population- those who attended these performances!

Additionally, they’ve had 10+ Million people attend one event alone, which is an incredible feat considering how big this country really is.”

3 – Another Planet

Another Planet has successfully formed partnerships with local venues through One Nation Entertainment.

The company is based out of Las Vegas and was founded by two friends who had difficulty getting booked for shows because they didn’t have enough money or connections to get ahead when competing against larger brands like Live Nation and AEG Live.

Independent concert promotions are rising, and Another Planet is making waves as an independent company.

Crowd Cheering At A Music Concert

4 – Frank Productions

This company is one of America’s more innovative and successful concert promotion firms.

They work with other smaller, independent firms to provide an array of services, including tour management for musicians ranging from solo artists up to large bands like Coldplay!

This small business has made waves throughout Hollywood by keeping beat on trends while staying ahead at all times; it’s no wonder why so many famous faces trust them as their go-to agency when things get busy around here (I mean professionally).

5 – C3 Presents

C3 Presents is an innovative music festival promotional company specializing in niche markets like Lolla.

They found success when they revived the popular Lollapalooza Festival, which has been acquired by larger concert promoter Live Nation for $125 million!

When C3 Presents Promotions was looking for a way to make the most money, they found that specializing in music festivals would be beneficial.

Most notably and specifically through their work with Lollapalooza, which had been acquired by larger concert producer Live Nation earlier this year after being on strike for over two years due to low ratings from fans about what kinds of concerts should take place at Chicago’s Grant Park where it is held every August near Lake Michigan.

6 – Goldenvoice

Goldenvoice is a concert promotion company based in Los Angeles, California, known for promoting events such as Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and FYF Fest. They have a reputation for creating immersive and memorable concert experiences, and for their strong relationships with artists and venues.

Goldenvoice is also known for its commitment to sustainability and for its efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its events.

7- The Bowery Presents

The Bowery Presents is a concert promotion company based in New York City, known for promoting events such as the Governors Ball Music Festival and the Mercury Lounge. They have a strong reputation for booking up-and-coming artists and for creating unique and intimate concert experiences.

The Bowery Presents is also known for its strong partnerships with venues and brands.

Final Words

Concert promotion is not an easy task.

But if you’re looking to break into this industry, some steps might help get your name out and attract more attention from larger concert promotions companies like those we’ve listed here!

What would you say if I told you that finding an audience for your music is as easy and straightforward?

Well, it doesn’t matter where they are because all we need to do now can promote our upcoming show by word-of-mouth.

We just have one more thing up our sleeves – promoting through concerts!

Concert Promotions will help us get noticed in a big way, so please continue reading below about how this works…

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