ARIELLA una cartita pa mi corazon
ARIELLA una cartita pa mi corazon

We present to you “una cartita pa’ mi corazón” by ARÏELLA a song that has a unique story attached to it. Listening to the soothing voice and the well-mixed instrumentals, I see ARÏELLA becoming the next big thing in the music industry. If you are a fan or want to have a taste of what Latin Music sounds like, then listen below to “una cartita pa’ mi corazón” by ARÏELLA.

ARÏELLA is super grateful and happy to be part of our community to share her latest release and you will read more of her through Music Review World.


ARÏELLA is a Mexican singer, songwriter and producer based in Tel Aviv. She left her home in Mexico to pursue the dream of being a singer and explore her expression in the music world. In Israel she found Rimon School of Music and studied there for three years.

Her inner artist and inspiration comes from her Latin roots. After her graduation she released her latest song “una cartita pa’ mi corazón”, is a letter she wrote to her heart, as a healing piece, encouraging it to open up to new love and new experiences.

Today she keeps pursuing music and working on new projects that will soon be out in the world.



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