Wong Diane Now Only Me [Single Review]
Wong Diane Now Only Me [Single Review]

Wong Diane creates a blissful and serene world of her own with her song “Now Only Me’ from her EP “1st One Done”.

The up-and-coming singer Wong Diane already has a unique lo-fi style that’s as infectious as it is creative. Her song “Now Only Me” expands on the mellow, softly sung sound that she has displayed in some of her previous songs, like “Save Your Tears (lofi cover”).

Wong warmly invites the listener into the soundscape of the song, singing, “Join me in this journey; hear me in this story.” As the instrumental builds into a subtle yet emotively strong ballad.

The song then progresses into a chorus in which Wong sings “Just don’t go, just stay home”, like she is desperately pleading with a lover or a loved one. The layered vocals in this part add some depth to Wong’s message and make her emotional tone even more dramatic and compelling to listen to.

Listen to “Now Only Me” here.

The instrumental becomes especially compelling and impressive towards the end of the song and is almost akin to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Tell Her”, in the way it builds tension slowly and rises and falls towards the end.


The song closes on a tender note as she sings “Now only me and gravity”, closing the emotional tone of the song in a powerful melancholic fashion that adds more weight to the meaning of the song as a whole.

Score/Excellent: Wong Diane clearly knows her own strengths and knows where to place them. The mellow, lo-fi sound suits her voice perfectly, and she is fully aware of how to manipulate her vocals to create emotional impact and weight. An excellent song!

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